Last minute rush

Crest of Edward VII in our local parcel depot
Crest of Edward VII in our local parcel depot

This has been a rather strange and slightly fraught week. First, I had to collect my geotagger from the parcel depot. It had taken so long to reach me that I had almost forgotten about it. The above crest is proudly displayed on the wall in the depot but I don’t know whether “Edward the Caresser”, as he was wittily nicknamed because of his abiding interest in members of the opposite sex, ever visited the place.

Then I found that the geotagger seemed not to work, despite my best efforts. I contacted the seller, SuperEtrader who asked me to contact Qstarz, the manufacturer. I did so and eventually got a reply. I say “eventually”, because everything seemed to be happening in slow motion. They fall over themselves when you are thinking of buying but when things go wrong, it’s a different story. Response becomes slower.

The manufacturer suggested I take out the battery, “for at least 5 minutes”, and then try it again. If that doesn’t do the trick, said the email, then the unit is “defetive” (sic) and must be returned to the vendor. Despite being deprived of its battery, the geotagger still did not work so I have arranged for it to go back.

In the meantime, Tigger has decided that she is no more satisfied with the Nokia E75 than I was and that she wants to return it. It went back today.

Why the anxiety and haste? Well, because, dear reader, we are poised to go away. Yes, tomorrow morning bright and early (well, as brightish and earlyish as we can manage), we are off to Waterloo to take the train. Our tickets and hotel being booked, no delay can be brooked. Hence our need to get everything done immediately or sooner.

This morning, I had to perform the holiday-enablement task that I like the least: taking Freya to the cattery. She endured this very calmly and even seemed to doze briefly during the journey to Chingford. The flat seems strange without her and I keep stepping over imaginary Freyas.

There will be no blog entries for a week or so but I will write up our holiday on our return. I am leaving comments enabled so feel free to add your thoughts. If there is any spam I will remove it when I come back.

I thought you might like this photo. I took it near Old Street, where new blocks of flats are being built. My attention was caught by two builders venturing out onto an open balcony to affix the glass panels intended to stop ordinary folk from falling off. My stomach turned over as I watched them, even though I noticed that they were both tethered.

Builders on an open balcony, Old Street
Builders on an open balcony, Old Street

I will tell you our destination when I get back. If you want to try guessing, it’s a place served by South West Trains and its name begins with ‘B’. That’s easy, isn’t it?


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I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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2 Responses to Last minute rush

  1. Villager says:

    I wouldn’t fancy being on a balcony without a substantial rail; not a big fan of heights…

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