Passing the parcel

A while ago, I wrote about geotaggers and promised an account of my experiences with whichever model I chose. That was so long ago that you could be forgiven for thinking that I had dropped the idea or not bothered to write about it. Neither is the case.

In the end, after a lot of thought and careful consideration, I plumped for the Qstarz BT-Q1000X, which has received very good reviews and offers the features that I think best serve my purposes. It was available online from SuperEtrader. On August 6th I placed my order and waited for delivery.

Unfortunately, the postal workers’ strike now threw a spanner in the works. I knew patience was required and prepared to wait it out but after 10 days had passed without delivery, I thought I had better enquire about my goods. In reply, the company said that the strike had held things up and they asked me to wait until the following Friday (August 21st) before action would be taken.

I waited. Friday came and went with no sign of my geotagger but, after all, strikes were still going on so perhaps it was still working its way through to me.

Today, I thought of entering the parcel’s tracking number into the Royal Mail parcel tracker to see if that would clarify the situation. Instead, I received the helpful message that no information is available on signed-for packages until they have been delivered. How ridiculous is that? If the parcel had been delivered I wouldn’t be bothering to track it, would I?

So I sent another email to the vendor to see whether he could throw any light on the matter. He did indeed, and here is his reply:


We have received the goods back with us, because the item was waiting in the depot, and no one came to pick it up.

They probably left a calling card which you missed by accident.

I have dispatched another item today, via Special Delivery, so that it can be tracked every step of the way.

Kind regards,


Oh! Silly me! So it was my fault! I should have realized it would be…

Needless to say, no card was left advising me that the package was awaiting collection. I could not possibly have missed it, anxious as I was to receive my geotagger. If they left a card, then they left it at the wrong house, something they frequently do with the mail.

I have received confirmation that the package has been dispatched. How long will I have to wait this time?


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I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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