Steady ASDA goes

I’m sorry if you are getting bored with the subject of mobile phones because that is today’s theme as well.

Before launching into that, perhaps you would like me to explain where my obsession with mobiles comes from. This is a little snippet from my private life so you will have to promise not to tell anyone 🙂

I bought my first mobile, a cheap old thing with a Vodafone SIM in it, many years ago. I had in mind that it would make a useful security device to keep in the car so that if I or my partner got stranded, we could call for assistance. As is the way with technology, I soon discovered uses for the device that went far beyond my original naive imagining and it was not long before my ambitions turned to WAP phones.

You remember WAP, the ill-fated protocol for enabling mobile phones to become Internet-enabled. It suffered a less than rapturous take-up by the public but to me—a new and enthusiastic citizen of the online world—it seemed a must-have tool. I bought a phone that was indeed WAP-enabled but which was quite primitive compared with today’s complex devices.

It was around this time that I made the acquaintance of her who was to become the love of my life, and who figures in these pages under the deserved name of Tigger. For reasons I won’t go into, in the beginning we could meet only occasionally and therefore, the mobile telephone became our lifeline. We bought identical handsets (Nokia 6210) on the network that was then called One to One. I never went anywhere without my mobile in case Tigger called or sent a text.

Thus began my grand obsession with these complex but ever tinier devices, and even today I cannot bear to be out of reach of my beloved phone.

We next moved to the Nokia 6310i and, until recently, the superb Nokia 9300 Communicator. The fact that we have been living together since 2005 and we hardly ever need call one another, has done little to dampen my interest in mobiles and tariffs and all things related to these. Choosing a new handset or network provider becomes an exercise in deep strategy… 🙂

And now, dear reader, back to today. I have given up, at least pro tem, on trying to set up an online account and email with Orange. One day when I am feeling less irritated over the whole business, I may have another try. We shall see. So today’s events have nothing to do with Orange except that on the way home tonight I hope to pick up a top-up card from an Orange shop as I think I prefer this method to paying online with a credit card.

Today, then, it was the turn of the ASDA SIM. You may recall that we bought two of these for the strange price of 47p each. Tigger will at some point register hers and use it in her main phone while I am using mine as a back up. So today I put it in the spare phone and called ASDA Mobile’s customer service. There I spoke to a man with a noticeable Scottish accent, making an interesting constrast with Orange’s customer service operatives who all sound Dutch.

Very soon he (I say “he” because even though he told me his name I didn’t catch it. I rarely do catch the name helpline people give me as they tend to mutter it.) had me registered and was reciting all the useful information that new users should know and which I had already read in the accompanying booklet. Still, it seemed courteous not to interrupt him or to show impatience.

The SIM comes with some credit aboard: 25p-worth of credit, to be precise. When you call customer services a voice informs you that “You will not have to pay more than 25p for this call” so I deduce that the current remaining credit is 0p. Fortunately, I was able to register the top-up card that comes with the SIM and I will try to put some credit on it on the way home tonight, as it’s pointless having a back-up phone if this has no credit on it.

You may see from reading the foregoing that I am in a better mood today. This is partly because I have solved some of the problems I mentioned, decided I can’t be bothered about the rest of them and, finally, put out the old computer table to be collected by the Council. Yes, after all these months. What a lazy tiger, I am sometimes. Well, nearly always.

On a different matter entirely, if you look at the top of the sidebar, you will see my Facebook URL. I have decided to publicize it for what it’s worth even though I have been “on” (or is it “with”) Facebook for some time. I’m not there a lot but if you catch me and feel like a chat, who knows, I might answer! 🙂 Or you can leave me a message.


About SilverTiger

I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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