Grey sky in Holloway Road

Today I had an appointment at 10 am in Holloway Road. Being unsure of how heavy the traffic would be at that time in the morning, I set off early and arrived with 30 minutes to spare. It was a grey day and Holloway Road isn’t the most inspiring of areas at the best of times but, nothing daunted, I took my camera for a quick walk just to see what turned up.

The first thing that turned up was these wild flower gardens, each side of the path into the park. Who would have though to find a flower meadow in this lacklustre urban setting? Top marks to Islington for the initiative.

Left meadow Right meadow

The tiny meadow needs the sunshine to bring out all its colour and vivacity but I just had to do the best I could under a dull grey sky. There is a sign board (see here) explaining the plan.

Then I was enchanted by this shop with its windows full of mirrors, and such unusual ones too. I love sparkly things so I was captivated.

Left window Right window

When the mirror on the left reflects the scene, the result is like a Cubist painting. If you look carefully in the picture below, you will find me in there somewhere!

Cubist mirror

The the other side of the road is a pub called Angie’s of Holloway. This is what I call a quietly handsome building. It lacks exuberant decoration and foldirolls but impresses with its proportions and compact elegance. The architect has taken advantage of the corner site and exactly reflected the angle between the two roads.

Angie's of Holloway

Such buildings deserve to be cherished but we are often too busy or distracted to give them the attention they deserve. And, no, I don’t know the significance of the cypher “VII” but I shall probably kick myself for not knowing when I learn what it means.

Further up the road is the Church of St John the Evangelist. The building is quite interesting but could help looking rather dull on such a grey day. I did notice the blue doors, however (I saw three but there might be more), and I thought they made a colourful contrast with their surroundings. This is the main entrance and perhaps the best door.

Blue door

It was then time for my appointment. Afterwards I straightaway caught the bus for home but in passing I quickly snapped this building from the bus. I used to work in this area but I don’t remember what this sad-looking wreck used to be. I hate to see buildings left to decay like this. I expect it’s heading for demolition. In the meantime, the pigeons seem to like it. “It’s an ill wind… etc.”

Left to rot

The red brick building behind it with the light on is in Eden Grove and belongs to what is now the London Metropolitan University. Before that, it was the University of North London and before that, again, the Polytechnic of North London. (Those are not all the incarnations it has enjoyed.) When it was a poly, I worked in that very building.

About SilverTiger

I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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