Pigeons and coots and the Regents Canal

Modern housing
Modern housing (No one mention ticky tacky…)

This morning, I went for a walk in the area between Islington and the Caledonian Road. Maybe I wasn’t in a receptive mood, or perhaps the environment was depressing, but I didn’t feel at all inspired by my surroundings. I took only a few photos and most of those were of birds which are always interesting and never disappoint you.

Chapel Market, the “other” end

You can see from the sky in the picture that rain was threatening. Later we had thunderstorms and downpours.

Of all the photos, these two are the ones that please me most and I make no apology for this. I like pigeons. This one was on the rail of the bridge where the Caledonian Road crosses the Regents Canal. He (or she) wasn’t very sure what I was up to but for a few moments I got close.

Pigeon, Regents Canal Pigeon, Regents Canal

When the pigeon flew down onto the tow path to join the others, I walked down there too. Here the path ends abruptly at the Islington Tunnel. These days, barges are motorised but in the old days, they had to be pushed through the tunnel using poles or by men lying on their backs and “walking” along the roof of the tunnel.

Islington Tunnel Canal moorings

The area around the tunnel and the moorings is strangely tranquil, considering that it is in the midst of a built-up area.

A coot and her chick were paddling about on the canal. The chick was very noisy, demanding food, and the mother kept diving to find things to eat and feed to the chick. I tried to catch the moment when she dived but all I got was her disappearance!

Coots There she is - gone!

On the way home, I came across this triumph of popular art, painted on the end wall of a building. I assume that it advertises a pub but there was no sign of the venue to which it once belonged.

Family entertainment

I was lucky enough to get home before the rain came down but when I went out to meet Tigger from work, umbrellas were the order of the day. It looks as if the heatwave has finally passed, just in time for our next trip…


About SilverTiger

I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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