Dude, where’s my leccy?

Tinderbox Cafe
Tinderbox Cafe

We started today in relaxed mode. Well, we have been out and about a lot recently. When the doorbell rang, it wasn’t altogether a welcome surprise.

“Hello… hello… helllo…,” I shouted into the door-phone, all to no avail. It seems that there are still a lot of people who don’t understand door-phones or can’t be bothered with them and stubbornly ring the bell and expect you to come to the door.

Tigger spied a workman in a hi-vis jacket going from door to door so I reluctantly made myself decent and went out. By this time he was next door so I had to go over to him.

“Power’s going off,” he said. “In about half an hour.”

That would have been it had I not pressed for more information: “Why, and how long for?”

“Emergency repairs,” he replied, pointing vaguely toward road works I had noticed on the way home yesterday. “About an hour and a half.”

If EDF had already dug up the road the day before, then they have no excuse for notifying us so late and in such a slovenly manner. It’s quite disgraceful.

Wings and... ...halo
Wings and halo
The N1 Centre at the Angel

We had planned to go out for brunch so that’s what we did. Just as we were about to leave, the power went off. In the street we met an agitated man who enquired if our power was off too. He had been on the Internet when “everything had gone”. We explained about the ring on the doorbell but he looked blank: either his bell doesn’t work or the chap in the hi-vis hadn’t got that far.

Tinderbox interior
Tinderbox interior

We had brunch at the Angel Cafe in St John Street and then retired, with newspapers, to the Tinderbox Cafe in the N1 Centre. The Tinderbox has a nice terrace (see the “…halo” picture above) but we preferred to sit under the arcade where it was cooler.

Everything I know...
Everything I know…

When we felt it was time for a move (but not quite time to go home to a flat without power) we had a look around the shops in the N1 Centre. I am always drawn to Borders, mainly because they usually have a lot of books at bargain prices and I have some book tokens saved up.

Even though it wasn’t going for a bargain price (it’s selling too well for that…) I bought this book by the excellent philosophy writer, Mark Rowlands, whose recent opus, The Philosopher and the Wolf, is the most remarkable book I have read for a long time.

The first book by Rowlands that I read was The Philosopher at the End of the Universe, the lay person’s guide to some of the basic problems of philosophy. The book is a tour de force as its subject-matter is easy to understand yet rigorous, and the whole thing is done using themes from films! If you have the least interest in philosophy (or even none at all), you should read this book.

When we returned home, it was pretty warm. Our flat holds the heat, which is good in winter, less so in summer. The thermometer said 26°C.

“It’s been at the same position for days,” says Tigger. “Has it stopped working?”

Well, there’s one good way to find out: put it in the fridge! We did and here is the result:

Refrigerated thermometer
Refrigerated thermometer

Yep, it’s working 🙂 (The white tiger is a Father’s Day gift from my son.)

About SilverTiger

I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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6 Responses to Dude, where’s my leccy?

  1. Ed says:

    I’ve just been looking through all the photos in your blog. Thanks for making me travel around Britain and London.

    If you could visit my blog and look at this entry :http://whatamistilldoinghere.hautetfort.com/archive/2009/07/03/d83721950600d807ace7a602d65e159c.html#comments

    Maybe you have an answer…

    • SilverTiger says:

      Thanks for the nice compliment 🙂

      I don’t know the answer to your picture of the fairy in the grass. There are all sorts of activities going on in London all the time with people dressing up in strange costumes. Regents Park is a good place for this. It could be a fun run, a charity event or simply someone having fun.

  2. Ed says:

    Strangely, she was completely alone, and no one else except my French friends seemed to notice her…

  3. Villager says:

    That heat must have been a little oppressive in the Capital.

    The white tiger looks like a great gift !

  4. SilverTiger says:

    It is pretty hot. The trouble with Britain (not just London) is the humidity. That’s what makes the heat oppressive. Cafes with air conditioning become islands of tranquility!

    The tiger is surprisingly detailed down to the blue eyes, red tongue and white teeth. If he had a camera slung over his shoulder, he’d be complete!

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