Great Yarmouth 2009

When we went down to breakfast today, we took our bags with us and asked for them to be kept until we called for them later.


We strolled down to the bus station for the last time and took the X1 to Gorleston. We didn’t have time to see much and perhaps there wasn’t much to see in any case.

After this briefest of forays, we took a bus back to Great Yarmouth bus station and looked for a taxi. We took the taxi to the hotel where we recovered our luggage and then continued on to the station.

Deep Sea Fishermen's Mission
Deep Sea Fishermen’s Mission

Our tickets were for the 13:22 to Norwich but as we had nothing else to do, we took the 12:18. We would have to wait again at Norwich but we suspected it might be cooler in the waiting room there and it turned out that it was.

For lunch, we had bought sandwiches and yogurt at Great Yarmouth and ate half while waiting for the 12:18 and the other half in the waiting room at Norwich.

Because of rail works, we cannot travel by train all the way to London but will have to transfer to a rail replacement bus for one section of the journey.

Medieval house, Gorleston
Medieval house, Gorleston

The 14:00 departed on time and delivered us at Ipswich without incident. Cramming a trainful of passengers onto several coaches is always going to lead to a certain degree of chaos. Having done this before, we made for the last coach, and got good seats just behind the driver.

At Marks Tey, we found that no reservations had put out. Our reservations were therefore useless though we managed to get seats without too much trouble.

Pretty house
Pretty house

There are no racks for luggage on this train – how are operators allowed to get away with this? – and we have had to stuff our bags as best we can on the parcel rack. I just hope if any one is injured by a bag falling on him, he will sue the rail company for thousands.

This final leg of the journey went off normally and we arrived safely back in London. As we left the train and walked along the platform, I felt the old happy sensations: we were home again!

Last time on Great Yarmouth station
Last time on Great Yarmouth station

Great Yarmouth has been a success, not so much that town itself, though it has good points, but our travels around the region that have renewed our acquaintance with some familiar places and introduced us to some new ones.

Will we return? Quite likely, though next time we may prefer to base ourselves in Norwich itself to save the daily trip into that city in order to transfer to other trains or buses.


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I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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