Great Yarmouth 2009

Triangle Market, Lowestoft
Triangle Market, Lowestoft

Today is warm and sunny, so an expedition is in view.

We went down to breakfast and found the dining room in the basement. Knowing we were vegetarian, the cook came out and asked us what we could eat – an unusual degree of solicitude.

Great Yarmouth Station
Great Yarmouth Station

We are going to use one of our rover train days today. All routes start at Norwich (or “Narch”, as we have taken to calling it in a caricature of the local pronunciation), so we shall inevitably have to start each train journey by going to Narch.

Tigger gathered a collection of railway timetables at the station and set to work with her highlighter. The upshot of this was a plan to go to Lowestoft. Having missed the 9:17, we are having to wait for the 10:17 to Narch. In future we will try to get here earlier though with breakfast starting at 8:30, it won’t be easy.

VR postbox and old stamp machines, Lowestoft station
VR postbox and old stamp machines, Lowestoft station

Arriving at Lowestoft, Britain’s most easterly railway station, just before midday, we walked into town and spied Godfrey’s department store where we had coffee and toasted tea cakes in the Library Cafe.

Then we went on a long walk, first along the High Street, then Battery Green Road, following the edge of the sea on the sea defences. We thought we might visit the Maritime Museum. The coast is rocky here and not fit for bathing.

Rocky coast
Rocky coast
Mariner's Score
Mariner’s Score

When we eventually reached the museum, we found it was closed for refurbishment. Along this part of the coast, a number roads, called “scores”, climb back up to the High Street. Each score has steps in order to reach the necessary height. We went up via Mariner’s Score, with its long staircase that becomes steeper towards the top.

Lowestoft's oldest house
Lowestoft’s oldest house

The High Street, sometimes referred to as the Old High Street, contains a mixture of buildings of different ages. Many of them were built in the 1800s and display their dates proudly.

On the left is the building that is reputedly Lowestoft’s oldest house, a high quality merchant’s house (now including a shop) with parts dating from the 15th century.

Old Town Hall
Old Town Hall

We stopped for a drink and a rest and realized that with the heat, we were quite tired. Nonetheless we continued walking along the High Street all the way back to the station.

Even though we have by no means explored all of Lowestoft, we felt we had done enough for one day and waited for the 16:47 Norwich train. We had learnt from this morning’s journey that this train goes on to Yarmouth so we could simply stay aboard.

Street scene
Street scene

Lowestoft provided some interesting sights and we found some beautiful old buildings but I cannot say it particularly charmed me. I recognize, however, that we saw only part of it and so for now I will reserve judgement.

Old iron railway bridge
Old iron railway bridge, now reduced to a foot bridge

Arriving back in Yarmouth, we walked into town, past the Town Hall with its tall bell tower, and looked for our evening meal. We saw the Bombay Nite and decided to try it. We had a similar selection of dishes to those of the night before but the food was much better, as we both agreed.

After a final visit to the beach we returned to the hotel and made tea. We are both tired from our long walks in the sun and as I write this, at 8:30pm, I think Tigger is already asleep.

As we went by train today, tomorrow will probably be a day of bus travel.


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