Rainy Richmond and a courier run

Breakfast in Chapel Market
We had breakfast in Chapel Market – and so did the pigeons!

Sunday is supermarket day but it is also cafe-breakfast day! We breakfasted at Pane Vino in Chapel Market (yes, they are still open, not yet having managed to sell the business) and then dragged our shopping trolley round to Sainsbury’s. That chore done, what should we do next?

Tigger, of course, had an answer. As usual, she did not tell me what it was because she knows I like to be surprised and she enjoys surprising me! Despite Tigger’s dislike of the tube, we set off on the Hammersmith and City Line from King’s Cross. This is where things went wrong. We had not realized that there was disruption to the District and Circle Lines. This led to a couple of failed attempts to reach our destination but we switched to the buses and completed our journey.

Stained glass, Swan Hotel, Hammersmith
Stained glass, Swan Hotel, Hammersmith

We were heading towards Richmond, as I eventually discovered. When we arrived (after breaking our journey at the Swan Hotel at Hammersmith), it was already spitting with rain so we retired to Starbuck’s for rest and refreshment in the hope that the rain would pass. It did not, so after a walk around, we decided to make our way back home by bus.

Was this a wasted trip? Not really. It would have been better in good weather and we would have stayed longer and taken photos of the interesting things to be seen but even so, going for a ride and a walk is always better than staying at home. Don’t you think so?

Richmond Green in the rain
Richmond Green in the rain

As we passed through King’s Cross at the start of our outing, we had a pleasant little task to perform. We performed it in the ticket office. Yes, tomorrow we are off on a courier run, hurrah! This should make up for the slight disappointments experienc­ed today.

Where are we going? Here’s a clue: where do they euphemisti­cal­ly send people in order to punish them or register disapproval of them? I’m sure you have guessed the answer and it will be confirmed here in due course.


About SilverTiger

I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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