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Faces, Old Bond Street
Faces, Old Bond Street

We returned home yesterday afternoon, leaving behind us a sunny but wind-scoured Blackpool. By the time we had been out for lunch and dragged our shopping-trolley to Sainsbury’s and back, we almost felt as if we had not been away! All that was missing was a certain furry member of the family still on holiday in Chingford.

The Royal Academy of Arts
The Royal Academy of Arts

Though my back has improved over the last few days, I thought it best to ask the cattery to bring Freya to us in Islington. When I picked up the basket to carry it indoors, I saw that I had made the right decision. Freya is a heavy cat.

Leaving Freya to settle in at home, we set out, first to the Station Cafe at King’s Cross for breakfast, then to the Royal Academy of Arts to see the Kuniyoshi exhibition.

Slow traffic in town
Slow traffic in town

Kuniyoshi’s prints are certainly very colourful and skilfully drawn. To appreciate them fully, you have to understand the society of the day, its laws, what Kuniyoshi was mocking and, not least, the hidden play of meanings in the pictures. This is difficult for those of us who are not well versed in Japanese culture and while the accompanying descriptions can elucidate some of this, much remains unsaid.

Decoration, Atkinson's Building
Decoration, Atkinson’s Building, Old Bond Street

It is also difficult to move around because of the crowds and this acts as a disincentive to study the explanations but the prints are certainly beautiful and the exhibition is worth seeing for that alone.

Afterwards we had a little walk along Piccadilly and Old Bond Street. As we hurry about in our daily lives, it is easy to forget to look around and to see the beautiful and curious sights in the capital. London abounds with attractive and unusual architecture. The weekend is a good time to walk slowly and to take in the details.

Old Bond Street Arcade
Old Bond Street Arcade


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