Return to the Zoo

Pelican ballet
Pelican ballet

Today we returned to London Zoo on our own. We had bought a Membership each (making us “Friends” of the Zoo), so it didn’t cost us any more. Green-clad staff at the gate waved us ceremoniously past the queues at the ticket offices. I hate myself for it but I enjoy this sort of thing!

We arrived at the lake where the flamingos and pelicans live just in time to see this impromptu balletic performance. I think the pelicans were aware that it was nearly feeding time and so were ready to display to anyone in the hope of being thrown a fish.

Yellow monkey
Yellow monkey

The old heavy iron bars are a thing of the past and many of the animals are confined within electric fences, giving visitors a clear view. In some cases, total confinement is still necessary and here a heavy duty mesh is used which plays havoc with photography.

I don’t recall the name of this pretty little yellow monkey but he (or possibly she) lives in one of the open walk-through sections so you can see them close up. They are very appealing.

Meerkat on sentry duty
Meerkat on sentry duty

I once said in one of my posts that photographing animals in the zoo was a bit like shooting fish in a barrel: too easy and not very challenging. This is in fact less true with modern zoos that afford their charges greater liberty. These days a long lens comes in useful. Now it so happens that I do have a long lens. I carry it in my rucksack wherever I go. Unfortunately, I’m lazy about swapping lenses. I must go back to the zoo one day with the zoom lens on and see what turns up.

Feng Shang Princess Restaurant
Feng Shang Princess Restaurant

The Zoo is in Regent’s Park and the Regent’s Canal runs along its top end. On the Regent’s Canal is this floating Chinese Restaurant, the Feng Shang Princess. We came here once before some years ago and enjoyed it, so we thought we would repeat the pleasure again today. The prices are rather higher than we would usually pay but we decided to treat ourselves to the Vegetarian Menu.

Crane fly on Chinese lantern
Crane fly on Chinese lantern

We were sitting near the illuminated Chinese lantern on the left in the photo. On the lantern (outside) was this crane fly. He (or possibly she) accompanied us throughout the meal and might, for all I know, still be there. I also thought the word on the lantern – Tiger – was rather appropriate.

From the restaurant, there is this view of the Regent’s Canal. Evening was falling but there were still people out and about enjoying a walk along the towpath. Note the pink top hat next to the woman taking a photo.

Regent's Canal at evening
Regent’s Canal at evening


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5 Responses to Return to the Zoo

  1. Ed says:

    I might be walking in Regent’s Park or not far from there from May 8th to May 11th. Will you be travelling or somewhere in the area ?

  2. Ed says:

    In fact I’m afraid I made a mistake, we’re leaving London on May 10th in the evening… Well I’ll be back !

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