A damp day in Cardiff

Frieze, TSB, Cardiff
Frieze, TSB, Cardiff

Today’s run is a little unusual but quite relaxed. Firstly, I was surprised by the size of the package the courier handed me last night. Proposals are usually substantial but this was just a medium sized envelope with nothing much inside it.

“It’ll be a CD,” said Tigger and she’s no doubt right.

Art Deco lamp
Art Deco lamp

The next anomaly is that there’s no particular deadline for submission so we can trot along more or less any time today. We can afford to make it a leisurely trip though we do of course want to make time to visit the town.

It's in Welsh so...
It’s in Welsh so… this must be Cardiff!

We took the 205 bus to Paddington Station, made famous by a certain bear with a floppy hat and a passion for marmalade. We had to buy tickets but that job was soon done.

We breakfasted on a bench in front of a departure board, waiting for our platform to be announced. Paddington is nicely laid out in this respect with two departure boards with seats, unlike King’s Cross and Euston where you have to stand and be jostled by people pushing a way through. I appreciate such civilized touches.

Crocuses and City Hall
Crocuses and City Hall

As usual, our platform was announced only 5 minutes before departure so there was a rush for the train. We scooted along the platform to the front of the train ahead of the crowd. We reached our goal which was the first seats inside a carriage, as these, labelled “Priority Seats” ( for the elderly and the disabled), have more room for our long legs.

The train is bound for Swansea, or Abertawe, as Tigger prefers to call it, but we disembark before the terminus at Cardiff, Caerdydd in Welsh.

The day is not very bright and the weather forecast in the Metro shows a gloomy cloud hovering over our destination but as there is a similar gloomy cloud poised over London as well, it makes no odds.

Trees in blossom
Trees in blossom, Pentonville Road

I notice again today, as I have noticed before, that the countryside has its own special beauty in winter or in dull weather. Even when it seems at its quietest there is life and movement.

According to Chaucer, March is the month of “drought”, preceding the gently vivifying showers of April, but with our changed weather patterns all bets are off and some trees are already blossoming.

Sculpture, Glamorgan County Hall
Sculpture, Glamorgan County Hall (Needs a clean)

Our first stop in Wales is at Casnewydd – that’s Newport to us sasenegs. By now a pale winter sunlight was breaking through the clouds and as we pulled out of the station the clock on the tower of the city hall told us it was 11:30. Over to the left could be seen the famous transporter bridge.

Quarter of an hour later, reached our destination. Taking a “tacsi” to the client’s address, we completed business and phoned base to confirm. It was now 12:03.

We first went for a walk around the area of the City Hall and admired the buildings and the sculptures. The crocuses were out, adding a delightful touch of colour. Then it was time to have lunch and we went to the Ha-Ha Bar and Grill nearby. After this, we rambled through the town, more or less as fancy took us. Here are some of the places we visited.

An old doorway
An old doorway, now part of a shop front
Bronze family
Bronze family (Note the hat)
High Street Arcade
High Street Arcade


Entrance, Central Market
Entrance, Central Market
Central Market
Central Market
Entrance, Morgan Arcade
Entrance, Morgan Arcade

Throughout our visit, there was a steady drizzle and this was a bit inhibiting as far as outdoor photography was concerned though I managed to get a number of indoor shots of this attractive city and hope to do it more justice on a subsequent return.

I am sure we will be back.


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I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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