Left behind

Winter sky, Kentish Town
Winter sky, Kentish Town

After our adventures on Monday, we expected the week to be quieter but as luck would have it, Tigger got another courier run today. Unfortunately, I am not going this time because the price of tickets is a little too steep. We have to draw the line somewhere. It’s all the more frustrating because the destination is Gateshead and I have never been there. Ah well, another time, perhaps.

The photo is not of Gateshead, of course. I took it in Kentish Town last Saturday when the combination of sunlight and sulky winter sky appealed to me. I have some errands to run and may find myself in Kentish Town later today.

Medley of cranes
Medley of cranes

London is continually changing. Even if you live here the pace of change can be startling so it must seem amazing to anyone who goes away for a while and then returns. Streets are closed off, buildings disappear and turn into demolition sites and some new monster rises from the debris. The skyline is continually decorated with a lacy border of cranes.

This “medley” was photographed in Covent Garden, looking down Neale Street.

Tigger has taken her laptop with her as trains these days provide WiFi. I have already received some emails from her. Ain’t technology wonderful? 😀

I just wish I were there… 😦


About SilverTiger

I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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5 Responses to Left behind

  1. Villager says:

    I very much like your shot of winter sky in Kentish Town !

    It’s good that not all construction has halted down there in these difficult financial times.

  2. Ed says:

    Spent so much time in Covent Garden and Neale Street… There’s a very nice Indian Restaurant down this street actually. I will certainly go and have dinner there on my next London weekend ! Can’t wait.

  3. SilverTiger says:

    To Villager: Thanks, I’m glad you like the photo. I take a lot of “contre-jour” pictures as they often have a magical quality about them.

    To Ed: It is quite an interesting area but it is gradually being taken over by “the usual suspects”, i.e. the typical high street fashion boutiques and food outlets. If this process continues, it will soon be like any other part of London.

    I still sometimes walk through the “Piazza”, the high-falutin’ name now given to the old fruit and vegetable market building, but these days there is nothing there to interest me.

    The Jubilee Market beyond it is still worth a look though its accommodation is very cramped and I avoid it when it’s busy.

    Greenwich is also worth visiting and it too has a market. To get there you can ride on the Docklands Light Railway!

  4. Oh good, I am glad you are becoming committed laptopists! Technology is wonderful – here I sit on the other side of the world whilst you are fast asleep looking at your photos of London and wondering why tickets to Gateshead are so expensive.

    I rather miss grey skis and grey people too – it can be a bit Stepford Wives here, everyone is too perfect really. See, I’m moaning already!! You were right, the euphoria must be passing!

    • SilverTiger says:

      The problem with railway WiFi, Tigger found, is that it is very slow… They ask you not to download stuff (but even browsing or receiving email is downloading, after all) because this slows it down still further for everybody.

      This, together with having to carry the laptop around with her, is a disincentive, so she is unlikely to do this again.

      We will probably take one of the laptops with us on holiday to offload photos from our cameras.

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