Clearing the clutter

No more clutter
No more clutter

It has been a fraught few days on the computing front. Although I got the new laptop on Friday, use was hampered by the fact that my data were either unavailable pending restoration of the external hard drive or available only with difficulty from a computer that might still be infected with a virus. Slightly frustrating might be the polite way of describing the situation.

Monday came and I sat waiting for the phone call that would tell me the Lacie was now ready for collection. I telephoned M and asked about it. I also gave him the good news that we were now ready to order the laptop for Tigger. He said we could have it for the next day, Tuesday, all set up according to my specifications.

Copying the data back to the Lacie was taking a long time because there was so much of it. He said I should wait for his call in case he didn’t manage to finish it by the end of the day. I decided to go to the shop, anyway, because M, good though he is in most things, often forgets to call me. I don’t blame him too much for this because at the moment they are very busy and understaffed, so he has to do several things at the same time. In the circumstances, the degree of attention he brings to bear on my case is meritorious.

It was as well that I went to the shop because he had indeed forgotten to phone me. The Lacie, however, was in the final stages of updating. I put it in my bag still warm from its exertions.

Back home, I stacked the desk top, its monitor and other bits on the floor behind the desk, leaving the uncluttered view that you can see in the photo. How much better is that?

M was as good as his word: the laptop arrived and was configured as agreed. I went to fetch it at around 3 pm and then emailed the good news to Tigger at work. Having identical machines, we will be able to help one another and share ideas.

The wallpaper on the laptop in the picture, in case you are wondering, shows the Coop Bank at the Angel crossroads, taken just before engineers came and dug up the road, making a mess of the place and reducing traffic to a trickle. Long may this beautiful building stand facing the morning sunlight.


About SilverTiger

I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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2 Responses to Clearing the clutter

  1. Catz says:

    Ahhhh…. nothing like a nice new computer to start the new year right! Enjoy!!!

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