The day we got things sorted

Today was a day for getting things sorted out. First, there was broadband. I mentioned on Friday that I had started negotiations for this important change to our surfing habits. I still had a few questions to ask but by the time I had formulated them, the company’s customer services had closed for the weekend.

Sadler's Wells Theatre
Sadler’s Wells Theatre, just down the road from us.
(No, I’ve never been.)

So, bright and early today – well, brightish and earlyish – I rang them up and posed my questions. The answers seemed reasonable to me so I reached for my trusty credit card and… couldn’t find it! Grrr! So I had to end the call, promising to call back as soon as I had found the AWOL credit card. I eventually discovered it under the computer chair, though how it managed to travel there from the dining table, I have no idea.

Clutching the sneaky creature firmly in my left hand, I rang back and closed the deal. If you are interested, the ISP I am going with is Zen, as I have heard good things about them and they were able to satisfy me on all points. I did try another ISP (“No names, no pack drill”, as my old Latin teacher used to say), whose phone line connected me to someone who seemed to be talking with his head in a bucket and who seemed keener to know my credit card details than to answer my questions.

“B Day” is tentatively set for Tuesday next (December 9th), assuming that the engineers down at the exchange can be prompted into action. I now await delivery of the hardware so that I can work out how it is going to fit. I suspect we will have trouble because the phone point is rather a long way from the computer and I have been advised that if an extension is needed, it is better to extend the Ethernet cable than the phone cable.

Gate decoration, Royal Academy
Gate decoration, Royal Academy

While all this was going on, Tigger was at her workplace sorting out the courier run. The team leader was finally persuaded to let the package go tomorrow rather than today, much to our relief. We bought the train tickets on the way home tonight, so we are all set. As is often the case, Tigger will need to set off early and I will mosey along later when tickets are cheaper.

Our destination is St Leonards-on-Sea in East Sussex. If the weather is kind, it will be interesting to see a different stretch of the south coast but if not, we can fall back on Hastings, which is a lovely little town where, I am sure, we shall find the means to entertain ourselves for a few hours to justify the expense of the journey.


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I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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