Is it on or off?

Rainy Chapel Market
Rainy Chapel Market

As usual on Sunday morning, we started with breakfast at Pane Vino and then went to do our weekly shopping. Here is a picture of Chapel Market, looking its usual colourful self despite the rain. At the top of the photo is the edge of the umbrella Tigger solicitously held out over… the camera 🙂


British Museum
British Museum – a less usual view

Later, we went down to the British Museum, hoping to see the Babylon exhibition, but unfortunately, it was sold out. We did at least see the beautiful little exhibition on clocks and watches. It was very worthwhile and I recommend it if you are as interested in clocks as I am.

I mentioned that a courier run had been mooted for Monday but that as we had not heard anything more about it by close of business on Friday, we assumed it would not take place. This evening Tigger got a call saying it was still on.

British Museum Courtyard
British Museum Courtyard

The deadline is midday Tuesday, down on the south coast but for some reason, they want it delivered tomorrow. That would be fine but for the fact that the document is not expected to be ready until 2 pm.

Now, suppose the document is ready by 2 pm on the dot, we then have to get to Charing Cross where there are 2 trains an hour. The train journey takes 2 hours and we then have to reach the recipient’s address.

Centre Point
The famous Centre Point

Do the sums (and conjecture that they may be late finishing the document) and you will see this brings us close to the time when offices close. There is no point in going down there if we can’t deliver the goods because the office is closed.

The only way to contact the responsible person today is by email (assuming he is monitoring his email, which is doubtful), so Tigger has emailed him proposing that we do the run early on Tuesday instead, inviting him to call her to clarify.

If there is no phone call this evening, we shall just have to wait until Tigger goes into work tomorrow and see what happens then.


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I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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