Broadband approaches

Not a town hall
This is not a town hall
(The borough of Finsbury no longer exists)

Tigger went back to work today, which I thought was very brave of her as she is not fully recovered. You just can’t keep a good Tigger down, though.

There was some talk of us going on a courier run on Monday but somehow it hasn’t materialized. Even so, we are keeping a watching brief, knowing how these things work, in case it suddenly bobs up above the surface again.

As usual, it being Friday, I went down to meet Tigger for lunch and we had our traditional Friday omelette.

Angel station
Angel station (Southbound platform)

The other thing I did today was start negotiations for installing broadband. About time, would you say?

Until now, we have been using a dial-up connection that was considered pretty spiffy in its day (it has a 6-hour cut-off) but is now decidedly vieux jeu. It has been pretty reliable and we have suffered only the occasional down-time, though connection speed has been steadily dropping to the point where I now rarely try to load more than one Web page at a time in the browser because even two take ages to load.

The Red Lion
The Red Lion pub theatre, Angel

It is as difficult choosing your first broadband supplier as it is choosing your first supplier of anything. You have no previous experience to guide you and when you read reviews, it usually doesn’t help because for each ISP, there are as many bad reviews as good ones.

By the end of the first contract period, we should come to understand broadband better and be more able to judge whether we should stay with the same supplier or change to another.

Even a moderately fast connection would be a vast improvement on the dial-up connection, so I am quite looking forward to it.

Lighting-up time, Moorgate
Moorgate, at lighting-up time. We often change buses here

These photos have little to do with what I am writing. They are snaps of places that I regularly visit day by day and sometimes think to photograph. If we were to characterize the age we are living in, we might call it the “Age of Images” because pictures are everywhere. Who now remembers when the first colour pictures to appear in newspapers were a huge novelty? Can we imagine today a newspaper in which all the pictures, including advertisement, are in monochrome?

Borough High Street
Sunset in Borough High Street

Borough, which is in Southwark, at the southern end of London Bridge, is a fairly nondescript sort of place, blighted by the major road running through it, but it is interesting in its own way, especially if you venture off into the sidestreets. Down the road is the Elephant and Castle and nearby is Southwark Cathedral and the famous Borough Market, which is worth a visit, even if you are not intending to buy food.

The setting of the sun and the lighting of the lamps is always a magical moment that can transform the ugliest urban setting into a scene of beauty.


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I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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