First pictures

For once, I sat down and read the manual. That took me the evening of the first day and the morning of the second day. Naturally, as you read you fiddle with the camera to see what they are talking about. Sometimes it isn’t easy as the language is often terse to the point of obscurity.

I took some photos, but only inside the flat. I did some fetching portraits of the kitchen sink, the fridge-freezer and the kitchen bin. I played with the manual focus and exposure compensation. There was a lot I understood and quite a bit that I didn’t.

Then at last it was time to go outside and take some real photographs. That was on Wednesday.

When I take a photo, the camera emits a satisfying sound, reminiscent of the whizz-clunk of the old SLR film cameras. This, of course, is a bit of mystique because an electronic camera doesn’t need to make any sound. It’s just to make the user feel happy.

And it works – it does make me feel happy!

The Chapel Bar, Penton Street
The Chapel Bar, Penton Street

It was a bright but not very sunny day, as you can probably see from the photo. My old camera had a very wide-angle lens which caused perpendiculars to converge noticeably if I pointed it upwards. You can see the same effect here but the lens is calmer and the result is not so painful.

And no, I didn’t go in for a noggin. In fact, I have never been in this pub though I have visited others in the area.

Amwell Street, looking towards Pentonville Road
Amwell Street, looking towards Pentonville Road

One thing I noticed was that as this is larger camera than my old one, and because it has a “professional” look to it, people are more aware of me taking photographs with it. I could sense the question “What’s he doing taking photographs…?” I took a curtain into a shop to be hemmed and while I was waiting, the assistant asked – if I didn’t mind the question – what was it I photographing? It has made me a bit more conspicuous.


Borough High Street
Borough High Street

By the time I went down to meet Tigger from work, the light was beginning to fade. I have sharpened this picture a smidgin as it seemed to need it. Usually I leave my photos as they come out of the camera. That is partly laziness but also because I cannot tell what sort of monitor you are using. A badly adjusted wreck that you found next to someone’s dustbin, probably. What looks good on my monitor might look terrible on yours and vice versa, so it hardly seems worth the trouble.

Office tower at Liverpool Street
Office tower at Liverpool Street

One way home for us is via Liverpool Street station where we can change buses. It’s far from being my favourite part of town but everything looks better at night, don’t you think? All those lights have a magical effect and the place almost looks beautiful.

So there you have a small selection of photos taken with the new camera. I took these more or less in point-and-shoot mode as I am still getting to grips with all these buttons and levers and all the clever things they make the camera do.

All being well, we shall go on one of our expeditions on Saturday and, if so, I hope to give the new camera a run for its money (and mine!).


About SilverTiger

I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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