Relax, it’s Saturday

After our courier run to Sandwell yesterday, we felt able to take things a little easier today. For once I didn’t get up until 8 am. By the time we had got ready to go out, it was nearly 11 am. How’s that for taking it easy? Slothful to a degree.

Inverness Street, Camden Town
Inverness Street, Camden Town

We caught the 214 to Camden Town because we had decided to have breakfast at Solo’s in Inverness Street. Solo’s does an excellent vegetarian breakfast and I really enjoyed mine, given the late hour.

You can see from the photo what the weather was like and it was to become even worse…

Suitably fortified, and in defiance of the rain, we decided to catch a bus and go for a ride.

“Where shall we go?” I asked.

“Let the buses decide,” replied Tigger.

The bus that came was the 88, so that’s the bus we took.

Rainy Trafalgar Square
Rainy Trafalgar Square

All went well until we reached the environs of Trafalgar Square where the traffic ground to a halt. I think it was the Lord Mayor’ show that was causing the trouble. It’s all very well to have festivities and celebrations but in London, for want of space, one person’s pleasure causes hold-ups and inconvenience for thousands of others. As the traffic was at a complete halt, we politely asked the driver to let us off but he demurred for quite some time – longer than necessary, in my opinion – before finally releasing us.

While we had been on the bus, there had been a cloud burst, as we gathered from the impressive drumming of water on the bus roof. So we made a bee-line for the National Gallery. Normally, this would have been a pleasant experience but, for whatever reason, I was not in an art mood. Turner seemed wooden and muddy, Monet seemed to need the attentions of a competent eye doctor and, in the shop, I managed to drop a sparkly bird Christmas decoration and break a glass bauble. Fortunately, they didn’t make me pay for it.

Bartolomeu Dias, South Africa House
Bartolomeu Dias, South Africa House

On emerging, we sat in the bus shelter for a very long time. The buses were held up by the Lord Mayor’s procession, of course. This did nothing to improve my mood, so I amused myself wondering what Bartolomeu Dias (who discovered the Cape of Good Hope in 1488 and who therefore has the right to stand in a niche on the front of South Africa House) would think about it all.

At last the traffic began moving again and we got a 24 bus to Warren Street.

South Africa House from the bus stop
South Africa House from the bus stop

A couple of days ago, talking about the new computer, I mentioned that I had trouble getting my mobile to talk to Nokia PC Suite on the PC. Since then, I have sorted out the problem and it is working perfectly now. (As I speculated, a damaged file was causing problems with the file system and once I cured that, all was well.)

Further back (I’m too lazy to look up when), I think I reported that we had bought a Bluetooth dongle so as to be able to connect our phones to the PC without cables. As we had only one dongle, we had to keep swapping it back and forth between the laptop and the PC. So we got out of the bus at Warren Street, crossed the road to PC World and bought a second dongle.

What we bought was a Belkin Bluetooth® Technology USB Adapter, according to the writing on the box. For the princely sum of £9.99, you get a dongle the size of a small flash drive, an installation disc and some explanatory paperwork. It’s a brilliant accessory and works perfectly. The search is now on for what else we can do with it.

As it continues wet and is now dark, to boot, we will stay at home for the rest of the day. We had thought to get a take-away for supper from the excellent Spices Indian restaurant in Chapel Market but Tigger decided to root around in the fridge and vegetable box to see what she could rustle up. (Sorry, Mr Spices, we’ll catch you another night…)

Now, I have many times in this blog said something like “Neither of us cooks…” but this is no longer true. These days, Tigger is turning into quite the chef. She has an apron and everything. She has even been buying kitchen implements and actually using them! How cool is that?

Her latest prowess is dumplings. She puts them in the slow cooker with other goodies and they come out, well, just as dumplings should. The other night we had a recipe involving chilis and you couldn’t have done better in an Indian restaurant. I was well impressed, I can tell you.


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