That which was lost… is still lost

Lost Property Office, Baker St.
Lost Property Office, Baker St.

Following our triumphal four-cities tour, what exotic locations did we visit on Sunday?

Sunday was what a politician might call “a time of consolidation”. In ordinary language, it was a day for catching up on the chores that we had successfully dodged by travelling hither and thither in the preceding days. At about 10:30 we dragged our shopping trolley – and ourselves – round to Chapel Market and enjoyed a comforting breakfast in Pane Vino. We no longer have to say what we want as we have been going there for Sunday breakfast for so long.

“The usual?” calls the chef from the kitchen.

“The usual,” we chorus. Sorted.

After breakfast, we drag the trolley round to Sainsbury’s. Sometimes we shop for vegetables in the market on the way. Tigger has a shopping list on her phone and we go through it over breakfast so we know where we are heading once we are in the supermarket. It all flows smoothly until Tigger says “Choose a cheese”. Er… er… My chronic inability to make a simple choice clicks in. Somehow I manage to grab one and off we go again.

Tigger unloads the purchases onto the moving belt and I rush out with the trolley. If I’m lucky someone will take it and give me a pound. Then I go back in through the No Entry and reach the check-out in time to pay.

Back home, we make tea and Tigger stacks the shopping, then disappears for a rest. I’ve never really got the hang of daytime naps and rests. I always think of something to try on the computer or look up in the dictionary or… well, you get the idea.

When Tigger emerges, it is time for the day’s Main Event, for this is the Sunday we go to the launderette. We strip the bed and grab everything we can think of that could do with a wash and stuff the wheelie suitcase and the shopping trolley. The launderette we use is near the British Library, a bus ride down the road. While the washing is spinning in three machines, we reward ourselves with hot chocolate in the cafe on the corner.

This morning, Monday, Tigger had to go to work. This was something of an anti-climax after last week! Not to worry, there will be more courier runs and there is one shaping up already for next month. For my part, I had a little errand in town and this explains the photo at the top.

On Monday last week, Tigger managed to leave a bag on the bus. There was nothing hugely valuable in it but she would like it back. We couldn’t reclaim it any sooner because of our travels and as The Lost Property Office at Baker Street is closed over the weekend, I volunteered to go down there today.

The clerk asked a lot of questions and typed the answers into the computer, giving me a card with a reference number on it. They had not so far found a bag matching my description but he told me there is a backlog and so it could turn up eventually. They will email us to let us know how our enquiry is progressing. I suppose in a city the size of London there must be a vast collection of lost property. We are such a forgetful bunch, we humans.


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I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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3 Responses to That which was lost… is still lost

  1. Big John says:

    Many years ago I had a friend who was a bus conductor, and he was always finding strange items which people left behind on his bus. Once he even found an artificial leg ! 😀

  2. I would love to visit a large lost property place – to see how they organise it, how they manage the logistics of trying to reunite things with people who have lost them and just to see the immense variety of stuff that is left. I always think other people’s belongings are more interesting somehow.

    I have also always wanted to visit a mail sorting office.

  3. SilverTiger says:

    To Big John: Better that than a real leg, I suppose.

    At the library where I worked, a crutch was left in the toilet. I had visions of the owner hopping round and round in circles…

    To Reluctant Blogger: Unfortunately, the Baker Street office is rather boring. You don’t see any actual lost property, just glass-fronted booths where you go to ask.

    Tigger heard today that her bag has been found. I will go and fetch it tomorrow.

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