Girl and bird

Today’s courier run is to Cardiff. Did you guess? Or decode the name in my previous post?

Tigger went on ahead to take an earlier train and she has sent me a text to say she is aboard and has a better seat than the one they reserved for her.

Travelling this early is no novelty for Tigger who does it every working day, but for me it is a chance to see a different world, the world of the commuter. It was once my world too – and was again briefly when I worked at Tigger’s company for a few weeks – but is one that I experience only occasionally these days.

Town Hall, Cardiff

Packed tube trains, streets and passageways jammed with people, crowds wherever you turn and folk whose mission in life seems to be to walk blindly into you, are not my idea of fun. They are probably no one’s, and the daily commuter has to put up with it.

Drinking fountain

After a dull start, it has turned out fine with sun and blue sky. Let’s hope it is like this in Wales. A day out is always improved with sunshine.

As my train pulled out of Swindon, Tigger phoned to say that she had completed the delivery and would meet me in the ticket hall at Cardiff. The rest of the day is ours!


I met Tigger in the station cafe at Cardiff, or Caerdydd, if you prefer. We then caught a bus to Barry. There is not much to see in Barry town so we walked on down to Barry Island. Despite its name, Barry Island isn’t really an island, more a peninsula.

Welcome to Barry Island

Barry Island tries hard to be a seaside pleasure town along the lines Southend but on a much smaller scale. How well it succeeds in the season, I do not know, because today Barry Island was closed. All right, that is a slight exaggeration, as there were some shops, pubs and cafes open, but the rides and other entertainments were locked up and there was an air of suspended animation to the place.

Barry Island esplanade

In one of the few cafes that wasn’t closed and boarded up we had a pleasant enough lunch, after which we headed back towards the bright lights of Cardiff.

Last time we came to Cardiff, we tried to visit the National Museum, only to find it closed for refurbishment. Today we were luckier and Tigger wanted to see the exhibition of Welsh landscape paintings.

National Museum, Cardiff

The Museum is very big and though not as elaborate and beautiful as the Kelvingrove Museum in Glasgow (an unfair comparison, perhaps), still very striking.

The exhibition contained a selection of works from different periods, some beautiful, some less so and some bizarre.

Civic fountains

We arrived just before 16:00 and a notice informed as that as the Museum closes at 17:00, they begin to close the galleries at 16:45 so we had to make a rapid tour. We asked if we could take photos and were told that we could, but that we had to sign a waiver and get a badge. We have met this requirement before (it is to protect the copyright of the institution) but we decided that we had too little time on this occasion.

We had refreshments in the Museum’s cafe and then went out to look for a bus back to the station.

We have taken the 17:25 train to Paddington rather than make a night of it here because – guess what? Yes, we have to get home so that they can send us a document later this evening. We have another courier run tomorrow, the third in three days!

Tomorrow, we are going to DBNCSJEHF, using the code I proposed in my last post. Decode it if you want to know where we are going, or wait until I write about it.


About SilverTiger

I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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