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Got the time?

George Gamow, the famous astrophysicist and nuclear physicist, used to like telling the following anecdote. Shortly after moving to the USA, while his English was still quirky, he stopped a passer-by and politely enquired “Please, what is time?” The passer-by … Continue reading

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When your dial-up doesn’t

This was quite a busy weekend but it finally ended on a note of frustration. On Friday we did a courier run to Lewes and on Saturday we travelled down to Havant. We were supposed to visit an aunt of … Continue reading

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We went to Lewes!

Hilly Lewes affords views of the surrounding countryside Today (Friday) we went on another courier run, this time to Lewes (pronounced like Lewis), a beautiful little Sussex town. We have been to Lewes several times and I consider it a … Continue reading

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