RSSreaderLive redivivus

A the beginning of this year, I wrote three posts about RSS readers in which I was critical of the then rather erratic behaviour of RSSreaderLive. These articles were posted on Jan 30th, Feb 4th and Feb 10th.

Briefly, the feature that attracted me to RSSreaderLive was that it would send you updates to your chosen feeds by email but after some time, the emails ceased to arrive and nothing I did would turn the tap back on. I emailed RSSreaderLive support but never received a reply.

In view of this, I removed all of my feeds from RSSreaderLive and moved on to try other softwares. Currently, Bloglines Beta is my RSS reader of choice. It’s not perfect (but, then, what is?) but it does a pretty good job.

I had more or less forgotten all about RSSreaderLive until I received the following email on Saturday:

Dear Silvertiger,

Recently at RSSreaderLive we have been hard at work improving the quality and reliability of our service. Following your comments in your internet blog, we realize that some of our users have found our service and support not meeting the reliability standards that they expect. We now are at the point where we believe the issues you experienced are resolved. We continue to work to improve

If you have any comments as to what other features you might like to see in the product, we invite your suggestions.

Best Regards Support

I was touched, not to say amazed, that they had taken notice of my little blog and the comments I had made. It would have been churlish not to respond positively and so I promised to take a new look at RSSreaderLive and see if it now worked properly for me.

When I logged on, I had to authenticate my email address before I could add any feeds. This is quite reasonable as things were out of kilter when I left and I haven’t been near my account for nearly 5 months. Once that little formality was completed, I added a couple of feeds and then sat back to await results.

Within minutes, the first updates (or “alerts”, as they are called in RSSreaderLive parlance) tumbled into my inbox. As far as I can tell from this admittedly brief encounter, RSSreaderLive now seems to be working as advertized.

Will I go back to using it? Alas, no. When I had very few feeds, it was quite convenient to receive updates by email. This saved opening yet another window in the browser and alerted me immediately a feed was updated. But these days, I have over 50 feeds in my reader. That’s a lot of URLs to move if I decide to change readers so I don’t do so lightly. They would also generate a fair number of emails if I chose to receive them by that route.

For these reasons, I think RSSreaderLive is not for me but it might just be for you, dear reader, if you like the idea of keeping up with your blogs and news feeds in the comfort of your own email program. If so, give it a whirl and see how you get on. You will find it here.

Everyone makes mistakes or can have a bad day with computer equipment and I would not condemn a service for this. What counts, in my estimation, is how good it is at putting things right and making amends. As the RSSreaderLive team took the trouble to contact me to say they had sorted out the problem, it is only fair that I should pass on this glad news and I am happy to do so.


About SilverTiger

I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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