Sheep in London

Thames view

I love this city. It is polluted, noisy (even without hearing aids) and overcrowded and it is now governed by Barmy Boris* but I love it. Walking across Tower Bridge, taking photos I looked like one of the tourists but, no, I live here. Eat your heart out, tourist!

Sheep in London

Today was Omelette Day, as usual, but Tigger suggested I go and see the sheep after lunch. Sheep in London? Yes, and right beside the glass carbuncle, “Ken’s Folly”, where Boris works. The picture on the left proves it.

The sheep were being exhibited and there was a display of shearing as well.


Shorn and unshorn sheep
Sheep being shorn

On the left you see a group of sheep, some shorn and others awaiting the pleasure: see right. The shearer couldn’t resist looking into the came- ra: he’s an even bigger tart than I am.


Some more sheep
Some more sheep
City Hall
“Ken’s Folly” aka City Hall
Tower of London
Any chance Boris will end up here?

I left “Ken’s Folly” via Tower Bridge. Like Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, Tower Bridge gets so much exposure (and not always of the best sort), that we tend to take it for granted. Pictures don’t always give you a feel for how big it really is. It’s a massive lump of stone and steel. Below are some of the pictures I took.

Tower Bridge Tower Bridge Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge was designed to match the style of the Tower of London. This gloomy but historic pile was founded by William the Conqueror and at various times has served the purposes of royal palace, fortress, arsenal, Royal Mint and, more grimly, as prison and place of torture and execution for those who fell out of royal favour.

Grey walls
The Tower’s grim walls
Green sward
Someone has the right to exercise a dog here, though
Roman remains
As usual, the Romans got here first

And finally…

It was a stiff contest but the final winner was never really in doubt. With a superbly woolly coat, an expressive black face (all my favourite sheep have black faces) and a magnificent set of horns…

… applause, please, for your Sheep of the DayHornbeam!

Actually, I don’t know his real name, if he has one, but Hornbeam seems appropriate. Enjoy his magnificence.

Sheep of the Day

*I can only hope that Boris will “grow in office” and that, even if he doesn’t do very much good for London, that he does it no very great harm either. Is that too much to hope for?


About SilverTiger

I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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2 Responses to Sheep in London

  1. noortje says:

    Thanks for the photographs. I had never seen the Roman ruins in the Tower of London before. Didn’t know they were there. The sheep were lovely and Boris reminds me of a sheepdog. You know, those big fluffy blond ones.

  2. SilverTiger says:

    I don’t think Boris ever reminds me of a sheepdog. I never compare people with animals as I think this is an insult to animals, so I cannot specify a more appropriate animal analogue for Boris. I therefore stick with “Barmy Boris”.

    There are of course lots of Roman remains in London, many of them hidden under modern buildings. They are sometimes revealed when a site is cleared in preparation for new building and then the archaeologists have only a frustratingly short time in which to examine them before they disappear again.

    The ruins in the photo are sited at the Tower end of the tunnel that leads from the Tower to the steps leading up to Tower Bridge tube station.

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