Just as I was leaving…

Yesterday, as I was about to go out, my phone rang. It rang once; then again; then, finally, a third time. This was a nuisance because I was on the point of going out for lunch with Tigger (it was Omelette Day) and because I had my dolbies in. As I have explained, using a mobile with my hearing aids is difficult so I try to avoid doing so.

Ignoring the first two calls was easy as they were both from the same mobile, a number I didn’t recognize. “If it’s important, they’ll leave a message,” I reasoned. The third call was from Alice, one of the liaison officers with the company that administers our flat for the council. I thought I’d better deal with that one. With a sigh, I pulled out my right dolby and answered the call.

“Are you at home?” enquired Alice.

“Er, yes, but I’m going out.”

“Well, the plumber’s in the neighbourhood and could pop in to fix your basin.”

“Sorry, no. I’m going out.”

They have waited weeks to repair the basin so I see no reason why I should jump the moment they call, especially as the site supervisor promised me, when he came round to yet again go over the list of repairs needed, that they would ring first to make an appointment.

“When can they come, then?” asked Alice, reasonably enough.

“Monday,” said I. “I’ll be in on Monday. I’m expecting a delivery. Or Tuesday. They can come on Tuesday but not Wednesday or Thursday. I have things on then.”

“I’ll try to get them to come on Monday or Tuesday, then,” said Alice.

The reason why I shall be at home on Monday is because we are expecting the first delivery of new furniture. How exciting is that? We should be receiving two chests of drawers, a normal-sized one for the bedroom alcove next to the gas boiler, and a narrow one which, if my measurements are correct, will just fit along the wall between the alcove and the end of the radiator. Once we have these, we can at last start imposing order on the flat, currently full of cardboard boxes.

The next item to arrive – so far without delivery date – will be a wardrobe. A wardrobe? How very bourgeois, tiger! Yes, indeed, but we have to hang our clothes somewhere and a wardrobe affords some protection from the dust that comes into the flat from the main road, despite the heavy curtains which we keep closed most of the time, especially in winter to avoid heat loss through the big windows.

You will remember that we told the removals men to leave the gas cooker and the dresser outside. The gas cooker disappeared within 48 hours. We never saw it go. The dresser took a little longer, nearly a week, but it too disappeared. So did all the flattened cardboard boxes and plastic bags of rubbish we had put out. I don’t know who removed them but they went and that’s the main thing.

So why am I not at home on Wednesday and Thursday? I’ll tell you about it nearer the time but will just say now that we’re off on a courier run on Wednesday and looking forward to it.

Today is Saturday and the sun is shining. A perfect day for an expedition. I don’t know where we shall go and I’ll let Tigger decide. I like surprises and she is so good at that! Did I mention that I love Tigger? I expect you already guessed, dear reader, but it’s nice to say it from time to time: I love you, Tigger!


About SilverTiger

I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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