Green Sunday

Sunday. I like Sunday. Sunday usually follows a pattern. If it isn’t a laundry day, the afternoon is free for whatever we want to do, a trip to some corner of Greater London, a visit to a museum or perhaps a lounge at home, dozing, reading or watching DVDs.

The morning is a little more structured. Well, it is, once we get started. The three of us – Tigger, Tiger and the shopping trolley – head for Pane Vino in Chapel Market, where we have an omelette breakfast. (You may have noticed that we like our omelettes!) Then we make for Sainsbury’s.

We take the shopping home and Tigger puts it away while I make tea. This provides the excuse – if we needed one – for a rest, prior to setting out on the afternoon’s adventure. We might go to Greenwich and visit the stalls in the market and the little shops around the periphery. If you like jewellery, you might find the “Autumn and May” jeweller’s shop worth a look. Some of the stalls sell jewellery too. We did that today, ending the visit with a meal in Peter de Wit’s Cafe.

But that was only after an extensive tour by bus that took in many regions and introduced me to something quite new and unexpected. Have you heard of the Mile End Park Green Bridge? This is a remarkable development, a park in the midst of urban blight, including a road bridge that has been “greened” and turned into part of the park. There are trees and shrubs, there is water with ducks and coots, there are walkways inviting you to stroll and, of course, there is grass, lots of grass. I think the photos had best speak for themselves.

(Click on a picture to see a larger version.)

Mile End Park Green Bridge Mile End Park Green Bridge Mile End Park Green Bridge

Mile End Park Green Bridge Mile End Park Green Bridge Mile End Park Green Bridge

Mile End Park Green Bridge Mile End Park Green Bridge Mile End Park Green Bridge


About SilverTiger

I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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