Monday-morning feeling

I am writing this on Monday morning before going to work. It is some time since I have experienced the Monday-morning feeling but it is unpleasantly familiar.

I suppose I shouldn’t grumble (Why not? – Ed.) because we had an enjoyable if busy weekend. On Sunday, the laundry finally caught up with us. We do not have a washing machine and do not want one. So we save up our laundry and cart it once a month to the launderette. The one we use is very good but does tend to become crowded at times, especially in the summer. Early Sunday mornings in winter are best!.

I also needed cat food. All the cat food sold in supermarkets and in local pet shops is made by companies that test on animals. I can see absolutely no justification for this. It is hypocritical to claim to have the best interests of your animals at heart when they are causing suffering to thousands of cats and dogs for no very good reason. The non-animal-tested cat food I give Freya isn’t on sale locally. The nearest outlet I know of is Palmer’s, in Parkway, Camden Town.

I put this problem to Tigger who immediately suggested combining business with pleasure: we could have breakfast at Solo’s in Inverness Street and then buy cat food at Palmer’s. Done deal. The only question was whether Palmer’s open on Sundays. Yes, they do!

With a good breakfast in our bellies and a big bag of cat food in my rucksack, we returned home. Tigger went off for a lie-down and a read while I set up my latest toy. While we were in HMV the other evening, I spotted some Maxell flash drives. When I read the features, I saw that they had onboard password protection. I immediately bought one. It is all too easy to put all your personal data on a flash drive and then leave it in the computer when you have finished. If this is at home, it doesn’t matter but if you leave it in a cybercafe, for example, this is a security risk. Though you can find software to set up on your drive, this is a bit of a hassle and it’s much better if the software is preloaded.

The only problem I had with it is that the manual also explains how to install a driver if you are using Windows 98 and lost amongst all this are the instructions for setting password protection. I finally found how to do this though on my first attempt it failed, for some reason. You can create two partitions, one public and one password protected, or just one password-protected partition. It works brilliantly. At 2GB for £14.99 I thought it was worth having. I am now looking for a lightweight email client to put on the drive so that on our longer expeditions I can keep up with my email.

We could put off the laundry no longer. Tigger emerged wearing her laundry dress, the button-up-the-front denim one. We packed everything into the wheelie suitcase and the shopping trolley and off we went. The number 73 bendy-bus was crowded. The Oyster machines were out of order, which may explain it. Londoners already call the bendy-bus the “free bus” so they do become rather crowded.

The launderette wasn’t too busy and so we got through the work in a couple of hours, repairing to the Valencian cafe down the road while the clothes were going round and round in the three machines we needed. It’s a good little cafe where we have freshly-squeezed orange juice in summer and hot chocolate in winter. Then we returned home, dumped the suitcase and shopping trolley and went to Pane Vino in Chapel Market for an early dinner or a late lunch, depending on your point of view. An evening spent in relaxed mode, playing with the computer and watching DVDs completed the day.

One of the films we watched was La dolce vita. We stopped with an hour to go as it was putting us to sleep. Maybe it has a story but if so it is practically indiscernible. We may watch the rest of it another evening.

Now I have to face the reality of the Monday morning rush hour.

About SilverTiger

I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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