Curtains, carpets and cuisine

Yesterday was quite a productive day despite one annoyance. First we went for breakfast in Chapel Market. Everything works better after a good breaky, I find. Then off went went to Essex Road and to a certain fabric shop we know, called Sew Fantastic! where we chose material and ordered curtains for the bedroom. The manager was very helpful and the we are looking forward to taking delivery of the curtains. Our flat is beginning to look very posh. In fact, I am thinking of referring to it as an “apartment” in future!

Our next port of call was a few doors along at the Leebanks Carpet Centre where we made a final choice of carpet and arranged for the room to be measured for fitting. This means we will have to camp out in the front room for a few more days and then empty the bedroom completely for the hour or two it will take to put the carpet down.

Once the curtains are up and the carpet is down, we can think about getting the rest of our possessions back from storage. We have already decided to tell them we don’t want the gas cooker back. No doubt they can get a bob or two for it and it is surplus to requirements in an already overcrowded front room.

After that, the only remaining job is the replacement of the washbasin and surrounding tiles in the bathroom made necessary by the botch job the Useless Plumber made of it. What a relief it will be, after three months of disruption, dirt and chaos, to finally shut the door on builders and tradespeople and to be able to get back to a semblance of normal life. Well, not too normal, I hope. That would be boring.

After Essex Road, we caught the 73 to Oxford Street. We were going to John Lewis to ask why our net curtain had not been delivered. We had bought two back in November. One we had brought home with us and one was to be sent as the material was not in stock. We had never received it. To cut a long story short, the assistant had made a mistake with the order but this was rectified and we have our net.

After all that productive activity, it seemed only fair to reward ourselves with a visit to Starbuck’s!

In the evening we went for dinner at the Montmartre restaurant in Theberton Street, Islington. We had been there before and found it good and not too expensive. Things were a little different this time. The place was busy and quite noisy. This may partly explain the contretemps I suffered, but not entirely. I ordered vegetarian sausage and mash and when my plate arrived it was obviously not that.

I drew the attention of the waiters to this. “Yes, yes,” they said, “Vegetarian.” “No,” I insisted, “This is not sausage and mash.” They seemed – or affected – not to understand.

When the waitress who took the order came over, I explained – again – that this was not sausage and mash. I was gobsmacked at her reply: “It is what you pointed at on the menu.” Eh? I was not aware at having pointed at anything on the menu. I had ordered 4 items viva voce and 3 had been delivered correctly. Why would I suddenly point at an item instead of saying what I wanted?

A decent restaurant would realize that a mistake had been made and rectify it. No such move was made here. I was left with the item that I hadn’t ordered but which was at least vegetarian. Probably I should have made a fuss, called the manager, etc. but I didn’t.

Anyone can make a mistake (though some mistakes are less excusable than others) and what counts is how you rectify them. This mistake was not rectified.

We are not quite ready to give up on the Montmartre but we will wait a while before returning and then be careful how we order. Another slip like that, though, and we will not go there again.


About SilverTiger

I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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