Paint my dreams

At last: the painters finally left at 11:30 am this morning. The job is done and the bedroom redecorated. Unfortunately, we cannot move our bed and other things back in yet because we are hoping to have a new carpet fitted. Someone is coming to measure the room on Tuesday and then arrange the fitting day so I don’t know when we will be back to what passes for normal in the Tig(g)er household.

I was dreading the decorators coming. The job was supposed to be finished by Christmas but the builders kept delaying. In the end they said they could spare two days in the week before Christmas or put it off until after the New Year. As the job has taken 4 and a half days, I was right to postpone the work until now.

Why I was dreading it was because, as I have explained, our flat is tiny and even with half or more of our property still in storage, it is impossible to clear a room completely without filling up the other room to the point where it is impossible to move. All we could do was clear the bedroom partially and hope they could work around the heap left in the middle. Not surprisingly we kept putting off the task until the very day before the painters were due. But we got it done as well as finally getting rid of the old wardrobe. (By the way, I see that you still haven’t been along to collect it. Don’t you want a fine old wardrobe for free?)

I have to take my hat off to the painters. The pair who decorated the front room were a nightmare, so much so that I complained about them to the management. At the end of the day they left stuff all over the place, including personal belongings, open paint pots and trays, brushes and ladders, despite the fact that they had been told we had to live in the room. Every evening I had to stack as much of their kit as I could in the main hall. Although they brought a Henry vacuum cleaner with them, they never used it, nor did they put covers over anything. The counter tops are still speckled with paint.

The pair who painted the bedroom were quite different. They would turn up each morning just after 8 am and shut themselves in the bedroom. I would barely hear a sound from them until they gently tapped on the door of the front room around 3:30 to let me know they were finished for the day. They covered our property with dustsheets and even put pieces of cloth on the curtain rail to protect it. They left everything clean and tidy at the end of each day. Model workmen.

I have a feeling of liberation: I can start going out again during the day! Shopping! Browsing bookshops! Going to the library! Wandering around staring at things! Maybe even having the occasional coffee at Starbuck’s! And what else? Well, whenever I do anything interesting, I’ll let you know. I am off out in a few minutes, actually. Can you guess why?

Right! Today is Omelette Day. I thought I was going to miss it but what with the painters finishing early and Tigger being on the late shift and consequently having a late lunch, I can make it. We’ll be seeing our Italian friends at the cafe round the corner. Of such small pleasures is the tapestry of life so richly woven.


About SilverTiger

I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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