Catching up

You may recall that you left me waiting for a plumber to sort out the leaking washbasin in the bathroom. I was hoping it would be a different plumber, “different” as in “competent” and “able to do the job.”

My doorbell rang. I opened the door. It was the Useless Plumber. “Got a leaking basin, mate.”

Yes, I know: I should have refused to let him in. Shouted, stamped my foot and told him never to darken my door again. But a kind of weariness of spirit sets in after 9 weeks of building work that seems to proceed in circles rather than in a straight line from beginning to end.

I did however pick up the phone and call Alice. I couldn’t get through, of course. I left a message expressing my disappointment at having the Useless Plumber foisted on me yet again.

I went back into the bathroom and pointed out that as well as a leak there were mis-aligned taps and that the basin sloped forward so that if the basin became full, it was touch and go whether it overflowed. “It’s the bracket, mate,” was the UP’s response.

Having cured the leak, he went away. The basin still sloped. The taps may be slightly better aligned. I promised myself I would get in touch with Alice and try to get someone knowledgeable to come and inspect the basin.

Then came Omelette Day and I gave myself over to sweet anticipation of the weekend. Tigger and I had arranged to meet friends on Saturday – I will call then Jane and Henry, though of course those are not their real names. We met Jane and Henry in Starbuck’s round the corner opposite the Angel tube station.

First we went to Pane Vino in Chapel Market for breakfast and then to the Museum of London. Henry and I are both interested in the Roman period and Henry has done actual archaeological work on it. I keep meaning to look out some good books on the subject.

On Sunday, the plan was to fetch our curtains. We had ordered these weeks ago at the Curtain Factory in Finchley. Because of the size of the windows, we had to have them made specially. They are 8 feet long. We had them lined to help keep out the draughts in winter. They were quite expensive but make a big difference to the room. Hitherto, we had have a rectangle of cloth hung across the window which made it hard to see outside. Today I was able to open the curtains and let in the daylight or, at least, as much daylight as you can expect in the city on a dull December day. I have a wonderful view of the street, criss-crossed with the scaffolding that decorates the front of the building.


About SilverTiger

I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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