Finished at last (almost)

Although I waited in all day yesterday, the mirror never appeared. This morning it occurred to me that in the fuss of ordering it when I was passed from one person to another on the phone, the last being the shopkeeper who was impatient because there were customers waiting at the counter, no one had thought to take down my address. At 9am therefore, I called the shop and they sent the mirror down with the man who had repaired the window and therefore knew where I lived.

The mirror, 92cm tall by 30cm wide, now stands behind the bedroom door waiting to be screwed to the bathroom wall.

I then settled down to wait for the people who were to lay the floor in the front room. At about 10am, the doorbell rang.

“Have you come to lay my floor?” I asked the caller, who was wearing the regulation company logo.

“No, I have come to commission the boiler.”

Once again, they turn up unannounced but that at least removes another item from the list of things to be done.

The gas engineer departed and again I waited for the floor layers. I surfed the Web, made tea and had lunch. I decided to take them at their word that they would “move things, now here, now there” and made no attempt to clear the room. Unaccustomed luxury.

At about 1pm I saw the builders arriving, carting materials and tools from a small lorry that was then driven away to be parked off the Red Route. I quickly moved Freya’s bed, food and litter tray into the bedroom, closed down the computer and unplugged it. Then I went outside and found one of the builders sitting on the stairs with his lunch box on his knees.

After a few minutes, the second member of the team came in. I said we no longer wanted the lino and he could get rid of it with the plastic floor protectors. He looked uncertain so I explained again. Then I asked that the fridge-freezer, that has stood by the window throughout the building operations be put back in the corner where we want it. Again I repeated this to be sure he understood. (I later discovered that they are Lithuanians.) To everything I said he replied “No problem, no problem.”

Freya and I retired once more to our refuge in the bedroom leaving the unproblematic couple to get on with the work. I read the book about Napoleon on St Helena (the Emperor has finally died and been buried in the Vale of Geranium) and tried to interpret the noises coming from the other room.

There came a knock on the door and I emerged to be shown the new floor in the front room and to be told they were extending it into our little hall. That was unexpected but welcome. We had been planning to have the bedroom and hall carpeted together so this will save us some money as well as making it easy to clean when we come in with wet shoes.

I have to leave the bedroom door open while they work because they have to edge the flooring with a metal strip across the doorway. Freya is not sure she likes this new development and is sitting up in her box-bed watching the doorway to see what happens next.

I think I have mentioned that Freya is a rescue cat and the signs are that she was ill treated. She is particularly afraid of men and finds this invasion of men into the home very alarming. This is why I have been at pains to keep her as calm as possible. As I write this, she is sitting watching one of the workman on his knees on the hall floor scraping it clean. She has an expression of stern disapproval on her face.

The work was finally completed and the workman courteously helped me put back in place the furniture they had moved, including the bookcase that they had put out in the corridor.

Tigger came home bringing with her some celebratory items picked up at Hotel Chocolat on the way because… the work is finally finished! That’s apart from “snagging” and installing our fixtures. Now that the floor is laid and sealed the dirt and grime should finally be conquered.

ClockThe above mentioned bookcase has been present throughout the work and was thickly covered with dust. Hot water and the famous blue and white cloths sorted that out and I was at last able to put out some of my stored items. First out was my clock, which now sits on top of the bookcase.

It’s good to feel we are finally emerging from the disruptions and discomfort and returning to some sort of order. Tomorrow, we are off to Hell aka IKEA with a smile on our lips and sunshine in our hearts. Well, almost.


About SilverTiger

I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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2 Responses to Finished at last (almost)

  1. athinkingman says:

    Having followed the trials of the last days, I am pleased for that it is nearing an end. I am relieved for you all and can imagine your relief beginning to settle.

  2. SilverTiger says:

    Thanks. There is definitely more cheerfulness in the air though there still remains a lot to do.

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