Another day of painting begins. It should be the last but when I ask painter number 1 to confirm this he replies “Hopefully”, leaving a note of uncertainty in the air. All I can do is retire to the bedroom and read my book (The Emperor’s Last Island by Julia Blackburn) and hope for the best.

Freya has become used to the arrangement and when she sees me making ready, installs herself in the bedroom without having to be caught and carried there as on the first days.

Last night after supper, as a consolation for the fraught day, we went to Pane Vino for coffee and cake. We have gone back to cooking at home now – another step on the way back to normality. Tigger then spent some time on the computer and called me over to see the list of possible furniture purchases she had collected.

It seems that we will visit that antechamber of Hell called IKEA this weekend to see things and then perhaps order them online to have them delivered as we cannot transport them ourselves. This is all very exciting and I enjoy Tigger’s enthusiasm.

By midday the painting was finished. The painters, for once, moved all their gear out into the corridor. They waited for their boss to turn up to check the work but after an hour decided to leave.

The place was in quite a mess with dirt, dust, spilled paint and plaster powder all over the floor. They don’t seem to have heard of dust sheets. I vacuumed throughout and moved the furniture back into place, knowing I will have to shift it all again on Friday when they come to lay the flooring.

Next week is when “snagging” takes place. That is the putting right of faults such as the wobbly bath and putting up our various fixtures such as the bathroom cabinet and the curtain rails in both rooms.

After the despondency of the last few days I feel relatively cheerful. Something may come along to change that but in the meantime I will relax and enjoy it.


About SilverTiger

I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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