Left high and dusty

I was reasonably impressed by the work done on the flat on the first two days. On Monday they stripped out the kitchen entirely, leaving us with a temporary sink and cooker, and stripped the walls and floor of the bathroom. Next day the electricians came in and rewired the flat, upgrading the electrics. We seemed to be off to a good start.

At some point, flooding has occurred in the house leading to a damp section in the wall that our living room shares with the main hall. Plaster was stripped off this on both sides, producing the effect of a new window but one without glass. This was patched with plastic boards but these only went part way up leaving a gap at the top where noise, dirt and cold could come in. We weren’t too worried about this as we were told that the plasterers would come in on Friday and replaster the wall.

We now had two days when no work was done. This was not ideal but we were willing to put up with it and it even provided a “holiday” in the midst of the confusion.

As described in my post Hiatus, Friday came and we upended the bed against the wall and packed stuff away to leave room for whatever work was to be done. By 8 am I was sitting in the back room waiting for the doorbell to ring. It didn’t. To cut a long story short, the plasterer turned up only at 3 pm, took one look at the hole in the wall and said “I can’t plaster that!” He reckoned he needed special boarding to be put in place first and promised to come back next week.

According to the timetable, from Monday to Thursday this week “damp work” was supposed to take place. Accordingly, on Monday morning, we upended the bed the bed against the wall and packed stuff away to leave room for whatever work was to be done. By 8 am I was sitting in the back room waiting for the doorbell to ring. It didn’t. (Does this sound familiar?) I phoned to ask about this but couldn’t get through. Late in the afternoon my call was returned and I was informed that no work would be done on the flat until Friday. This means we have to sit amidst the grime, without heating, while nothing happens. In fact, apart from the plasterer’s abortive visit, nothing will have happened from Tuesday last week until Friday this week, that is 7 days, not counting the weekend.

Early this afternoon, our doorbell rang. It was two inspectors from the company responsible for the refurbishment. They wanted to inspect the work. “Come in,” I said politely. “How’s it going?” asked one. Can you guess what happened next? I told them exactly how it was going, or rather wasn’t, and how not only was nothing being done but we were not being adequately informed and that we were feeling, to put it mildly, somewhat aggrieved.

Their reply was that they understood my position and far from regarding my outburst as unwarranted, thought I had been more than tolerant. Phone calls were made and I was told the “boss” would be in touch with me. Two electric heaters were sent for because we are expecting a cold snap.

I feel better for getting all that off my chest. The heaters may come in useful, I suppose, but what really counts is whether they now get on with the work. The heaters have just been delivered and the man who brought them said the central heating is going in on Friday. The whole job in a single day? I somehow doubt that but will wait and see.


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I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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