Going for a drive

I mentioned that on the way home yesterday we visited Moggy Computers and made a purchase. You have no doubt been bursting with curiosity ever since.

For some days now, every time we booted the PC, it loaded a little icon in the system tray which, when clicked, put up a window telling us that we were running dangerously short of disc space and telling of dire consequences to follow. Until this week we ignored it but more lately thought that perhaps we ought to try to do something about it.

Like what? Well, how about hiving off all that program-independent data, such as photographs, stored emails and other texts, onto another storage device, thus saving space on the main one? Adding a drive used to be a tricky operation but in these days of “plug and pray” has become relatively simple. All we needed to do therefore was find a cheap external data drive that was simple to install. Who should we turn to but good old Moggy to whom we have already given so much dosh that we ought by now to be major shareholders.

Perusing the latest Moggy flyer (Tigger loves her flyers and catalogues) she came across what, to our simple minds, looked like the solution. It was a Freecom USB 18x Dual Layer DVD±RW. At £35.24, it seemed a bargain. We went along, waved a piece of plastic and bought one. Back at home, Tigger went for a nap while I unpacked the beast and tried to get it going.

When Tigger awoke, I had to admit defeat. I had not managed to get the drive to do anything sensible or, indeed, anything at all. In fact, I had come to the conclusion that I didn’t really know what its purpose was but that whatever that was, it was not our purpose. We had, I whimpered, wasted our money.

Tigger is made of sterner stuff. “We’ll take it back,” she declared, “and get something else instead.”

“Er, we’ve already opened it and undone the packaging,” I pointed out. “They may not want to take it back.”

“We can at least try,” stated Tigger. She thereupon took out the flyer and after a few minutes asked “How about this one?”

“Looks OK,” I agreed hesitantly, fearing another expensive mistake.

“Good. Then tomorrow you can take the old one back and swap it for this one.”

I decided that I didn’t want to face the humiliation of being turned down in face-to-face interview in the shop, so I telephoned first. “We bought a Freecom USB 18x Dual Layer DVD±RW from you yesterday,” I said, sounding as authoritative and technical as possible. “Yes…?” replied the voice at the other end, guardedly.

“Well, we’ve realized it isn’t suitable for our purposes and we would like to exchange it for something else. In fact, for a LaCie FA Porsche 500GB Hard Disk.

“Oh. Have you opened the Freecom?”

“Yes. We needed to do that in order to find out it isn’t suitable.”

“Oh. Well, if you bring all the parts and the packaging, it should be OK.”

So off I went. On reaching the shop and presenting my case, they seemed a little surprised. Who did I speak to? When was that? No one admitted to taking my call. I stood there and smiled confidently whenever anybody looked at me. In the end they decided they could perform the swap.

They had only one LaCie left and that was in the display cabinet but it looked all right and the leads were still in their sealed plastic bags so I took it and paid the difference. I was still smiling confidently as I left the shop (it becomes a habit after a while).

Back home, I plugged the thing in. It worked like a dream. It’s so fast that I can’t see any difference between the speed of writing to the internal disc and writing to what I like to think of as “our Porsche”. I transferred a lot of data and then rebooted. I was disappointed to see the little icon reappear in the system tray. I deleted some more stuff and tried again. The icon has disappeared, at least for now. Tigger has yet to do her spring cleaning and that should improve matters still further.

For now, the crisis seems to be over. We do notice, however, that the unit has little rubber feet and on the top some grooves for similar rubber feet to fit into. This means you can buy several and pile them on top of one another.

Isn’t technology (and Moggy) wonderful?


About SilverTiger

I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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