Two to read

Unfortunately, both of the blogs described here have ceased activity. The first, De-Conversion, has disappeared entirely and the second, A Thinking Man, is still extant but is no longer updated. The random blog button also disappeared from WordPress many moons ago.

I occasionally spend a little time clicking WordPress’s random blog button in the hope of discovering new and interesting blogs. Usually, the result is an empty haul but every so often I come up with gold. So it was this time. I found two blogs that I immediately entered into my Google Reader and into my “blogroll”. I can’t guarantee that they will interest you too, of course, as tastes vary and what pleases one bores another. I nonetheless offer them for your consideration.

The first is called De-conversion and describes itself as “resources for skeptical, de-converting or former christians”. Before you say “Boring!” and rush off to read “Fashion Tips for Trendy Teens” let me explain that this is a multi-authored blog whose contributors cover a fairly wide spectrum of belief, lack of belief and bewilderment, and who post thought-provoking articles that attract a large number of thoughtful and argumentative comments. If you are religious, a-religious or anti-religious, you might just find something here that will stimulate, interest or provoke you into thinking about what you believe and why.

If religion is an occasional interest of yours or not an interest at all but you like to think about the deeper issues of life, the folly of the world and all points east, you might enjoy A Thinking Man, a blog that lives up to its claim to be “Notes, journal, diary, blog, cogitations, considerations, contemplations, daydreams, engrossments, musings, reflections, ruminations, pensiveness of a thinking man.” I found its posts interesting and thought provoking and, yes, I did add comments to a few of them.

There are as many types of blog as there are blogs and it is right and proper that people do with their blog what they think best. Equally, it is always good to find a blog whose style and content resonate with one’s own thinking and stimulate fresh ideas and questions. These two blogs do it for me and perhaps they will do it for you as well.

About SilverTiger

I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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2 Responses to Two to read

  1. HeIsSailing says:

    Hello SilverTiger. Yeah, we take our religions a little more seriously than the normal folks around, and theological discussion is surely not for everyone. But we are at the heart of it humble folk who realize that we will never know all the answers to life, the universe and everything.

    Thanks for visiting!!


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