Wet room evaporates

While I was enjoying my organic toasted mozzarella and ciabatta in Greenwich earlier today, my phone rang. The ring tone, in case you should be interested, is a nice jazz version of “Tiger Rag”.

The caller was one of the council officers who came to see us on Tuesday about our forthcoming refurbishment. The message was as simple as it was stark: “I don’t know who said you could have it but the wet room is a no go.”

Thus the story ends and the wet room retreats forever into the realms of myth and make-believe. On the other hand, we have been told that if we wish to buy additional fittings for the kitchen and bathroom, they will be happy to install them for us free of charge. Tigger already has a list in her mind of dish-racks, heated towel rails, bathroom cabinets with lights…

All I have a vision of is folding myself up every time I take a bath. Still, it could be worse (I tell myself). We could have just a tin bath hanging behind the kitchen door like some of our neighbours in the days of my youth. We often forget that so many of the things we take for granted these days were innovations only a few decades ago, if that.

“Upstairs” is being refurbished at present. I came home to find their old bath in the front garden. I nearly said to the workmen “I see you are taking a bath” but thought better of it. My students once said to me “Your jokes are so bad they’re sometimes funny.”

About SilverTiger

I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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3 Responses to Wet room evaporates

  1. baralbion says:

    In the days of my youth it wasn’t just the neighbours who had tin baths hanging up outside the kitchen door, it was us. How’s that for one-upmanship?

    (“….. the kitchen door like some of our neighbours”? To be pursued on the Language Group notice board perhaps)

  2. emalyse says:

    Shame the wet room..er..evaporated. I love the way organisations and department chains of communication break down so easily. Makes you feel like you need to audio record everything that anyone from officialdom ever says sometimes .I used to dream of a huge sunken bath but alas never lived in a place that could accommodate or earned the kind of money that would make it possible so it remains my own slightly gaudy noveau riche dream.

  3. SilverTiger says:

    I agree that it is poor form to promise something and then deny the possibility of supplying it. The best explanation I can come up with is that we have two groups involved, firstly the planners who design the kitchen and bathroom but don’t do any of the actual work and, secondly, the practical folk who organize the actual work following the plans drawn up by the first group. The planners presumably know what’s available on the market and (in this case at least) indulge their fantasies whereas the practical people know what they are actually allowed to do within budgetary constraints.

    That is not to excuse them. They ought to cooperate more closely and make sure they are working in harmony.

    I have never been one to luxuriate in the bath. For me, it tends to be a quick in and out. Tigger on the other hand does like to lie in the bath and often goes to sleep there. Maybe she would like a sunken bath whereas I would not be particularly impressed.

    I am always rather suspicious of showers, having been both chilled and scalded by them. I was both nervous of the idea of having one at home and pleased, thinking that I would get used to it and thus be able to use those in hotels with aplomb rather than trepidation. As it is, I am rather relieved that I can go on using the familiar tub.

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