A brief intermission

As mentioned in my last post, we are off on a jaunt tomorrow so in the best traditions of this blog, I am announcing A Brief Intermission. I shall resume posting after my return on September 8th.

Now, as you know, I love comments, and greatly appreciate people taking time to make them. Without comments a blogger tends to feel like “one crying in the wilderness” but comments make a huge difference: they help the blogger to feel part of a community. So I thank all you gallant commentators for your past contributions and humbly express the hope that you will grace my blog with more of the same in the future. However…

However, as you know, there are those who seek to profit from blogs by hypocritically posting “comments” which are not comments at all but ill-disguised attempts to publicize their commercial sites or sell products or perpetrate scams. We call such people freeloaders and spammers. Like all bloggers, I keep daily watch on my blog and delete these pathetic graffiti when they appear. I like to leave commenting open so that people can post freely and spontaneously, rather than seeing their message queued for moderation. While I am away, of course, I cannot perform this necessary litter collection and I do not want my blog to be an easy target for spammers. Therefore, with regret, I have turned on moderation.

Moderation means that if you post a comment, no matter how worthy, you will see a little notice informing you that your message has been held for approval. I will review all comments on my return and release the genuine ones for publication while consigning the ordure to oblivion.

I apologize to my good and regular readers for having to do this. If you feel moved to comment – and you are welcome to do so – please either do so now, and wait patiently until your comment can be released into public view, or wait until I announce my return, when moderation will be switched off and you can have the satisfaction of seeing your comment appear immediately.

Until then, au revoir, hasta luego, laterz, beseeinya, cheerio, toodle-pip and… Goodbye!


About SilverTiger

I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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One Response to A brief intermission

  1. Emma says:

    Have a fantastic time both!!! 😀

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