Favourite softwares – MailCOPA

MailCOPABack in October I wrote about email clients and in particular the one I was testing, called MailCOPA, produced by Intervations. A Web page dedicated to MailCOPA itself will be found here.

I first encountered MC some years ago in a very early edition when it was already being highly spoken of despite the fact that it was still at an early stage of development. I straightaway liked the look and feel of the program, its logical layout and ease of use. Since then – we are now at version 8.02 – a lot of new features have been added, many existing ones have been improved or extended and the program has, in a word, simply got better and better.

I use MC as a standalone application on our PC but I know that it is a fully-fledged multi-user software, ideal for group use, in an office or in a corporate environment, for example.

It is multi-user in another sense: even on a single PC several people can use it, each having his or her own email account or accounts, which can be password protected if necessary. It would therefore be ideal for a family or for an office environment where several people have to use the same machines.

I like using MC because I have a number of email accounts and like to keep them separate. It can be embarrassing to email someone and realize that you have used the “wrong” email account. MC keeps accounts separate, avoiding this problem. For example, each account has its own address books (as many as you like) which can be private or public.

Mail collection can be on demand or you can set up regular collections (every 10 minutes, say). You can send and receive emails in text or in HTML (or “rich text”). As should be the case, MC can be set to display HTML emails in “offline mode” to prevent spammers or other miscreants pulling nasty tricks such as executing pathological scripts or confirming your email address by loading images. Setting an account to send and receive mail is extremely straightforward and works like a dream – most of the other clients I use make the job much harder.

I could go on all day about the program’s features and probably still miss the ones you think most important so instead I will refer you to the Web page where the program is well described. You can of course download a trial copy and I think if you do you will be smitten.

One thing that I should emphasize is that a tremendous amount of work has gone on during the months since I last wrote and I have been privileged to play a small role in that. The bugs that troubled the early beta versions I wrote about have all been dealt with and a number of interesting new features added.


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