Opinionated people required

N.B. These message boards no longer exist.

I would like to draw the attention of my kind readers to the existence of two message boards. These have already existed but have now been refurbished and I modestly suggest they are worth a look.

The first is my own message board, called (appropriately enough, I hope you will agree) SilverTiger. You will find it here: http://silvertiger.ipbfree.com/. The intention of this message board is to encourage discussion on topics I mention on my blog and also to provide a forum on blogging and on matters in general. There isn’t any limit on what you can talk about, beyond staying legal and reasonably polite.

You can visit SilverTiger as a Guest or as a Member. As a Guest you can read all messages and reply to messages on the public forums but not start new topics. (This is a first line of defence against spammers.) Members can in addition start new topics and their username is protected from use by others. How do you become a Member? Easy, no initiation ritual required. All you do is click the Register button and give your username, password and email address. The email address is used as a simple verification measure and will not be used to spam you.

The key to conferences and message boards is that to succeed, they need a core of active users who post plenty of nice messages that incite others to reply. A message board is a community effort, not a one-man band, so I hope you will support SilverTiger at least to the extent of taking a look and saying hello.

The other message board is a collective enterprise. I have already mentioned it but it has changed. We were not happy with the service we were receiving where it was and have therefore moved it to another venue. You will find it at this address: http://languagegroup.ipbfree.com/. It is called, simply enough, Language Group and the name gives you a clue as to what it is about. Are you interested in the English language, what it is, how it works, how and why it is changing, dialects and varieties, good English and bad English? Are you a liberal, believing that language should evolve as speakers see fit, or a conservative, believing that “good English” must be preserved? Both views, and any in between, will be found on the Language Group message board.

So do you have to be qualified to post on the Language Group board? No! As long as you have an interest in language and an opinion to share, you are welcome to come along. You can operate as a Guest or as a Member and the same conditions apply to these as described above.

I think bloggers could make a welcome contribution to the Language Group. All bloggers are writers to some extent and some bloggers are professional or semi-professional writers. Such people must have views on language and how it is used and such views would help pep up our discussions. Why not come along and give it a whirl? (Is that a good expression to use? Too familiar for the context? Just right? Tell us on the board…)

Follow the Tiger… to the message boards!

Silvertiger: http://silvertiger.ipbfree.com/

Language Group: http://languagegroup.ipbfree.com/


About SilverTiger

I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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2 Responses to Opinionated people required

  1. Chris says:

    Just a thought: surely, the logical place for discussion of topics you write about on the blog, is on the blog itself. People don’t have to register in order to leave comments and, in theory, long and detailed debates could be held here just as easily as elsewhere. Maybe you should concentrate your energies in one place rather than several. I just wonder if you might end up spreading yourself too thinly, as it were.

  2. SilverTiger says:

    People with blogs often appear on Facebook, MySpace and many other places without anyone suggesting they are spreading themselves too thinly. Besides, if you knew me, you’d probably realize there’s enough to go round 😉

    The place for direct answers to a post is indeed the comment section attached to that post. But conversations have a tendency to branch in many directions and to become lively discussions. The comment section is not a good place for this sort of dialogue between many. Its proper place is a forum.

    The SilverTiger message board may not work. The earlier version didn’t. This one might also die without a whimper. If it does, tant pis, we’ll let it go and try something else. The only way to see whether it is worth trying is to try it, not dismiss it out of hand. People have to message in order to encourage others to message. It is a simple truth.

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