Man flu

On Thursday afternoon I became aware of that unpleasant tingling in the throat that announces the onset of a cold. By the evening all the symptoms were present and I was beginning to feel distinctly under the weather despite my attempts to bluff it out.

This was doubly annoying because an unexpected opportunity had arisen to go exploring. Tigger’s company was preparing a tender for a company in Sheffield and this had to be delivered by noon on Friday. The work had been delayed and would not be complete until late on Thursday, so sending the package by post was out of the question, especially with a postal strike in progress. A courier company would have charged £660 to take it.

At this point, Tigger, always ready for a chance to travel, piped up and said “I could do it cheaper by taking it on the train.” They thought about it and then agreed to her proposition!

While in Shrewsbury, we had bought rover rail tickets which cover the whole region and these still had a day to run. Once Tigger was in Sheffield and the package had been safely delivered, she could spend the rest of the day touring by train on the rover ticket. A free day out!

The obvious question was whether I could go too. I have a network card which gets reductions on ticket prices but tickets bought on the day are more expensive and the network card cannot be used during peak hours. The plan was that I would travel up later, meet Tigger and spend the rest of the day touring with her.

Having planned the outing, the last thing I wanted to do was cancel it but by Friday morning I was feeling so unwell that it was the only sensible course of action. So off went Tigger, bright and early, while I languished at home, resting, drinking tea and being brave.

Tigger sent me texts from time to time and in the evening we looked at her photos. The day was grey and wet, which was a pity, but that’s the British summer for you.

On Saturday morning I felt marginally better and the sun was shining so we walked along Upper Street to Turkish cafe we know and had a pleasant vegetarian breakfast. We thought of going to Starbuck’s but by now I was feeling out of sorts again and all I could think of was going home to bed.

About SilverTiger

I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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One Response to Man flu

  1. emalyse says:

    Shame you couldn’t go but sometimes soldiering on can just make you feel worse. Best to stick with as much medicinal tea as can be tolerated.

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