How am I feeling in myself?

When I awoke this morning, my throat hurt, my nose was running and I kept coughing. Yes, I was feeling better!

I’m putting it on a teensy bit, of course. The above mentioned symptoms are still present and causing some annoyance but I am feeling better in myself, to use one of my mother’s favourite illness-related expressions. She would always enquire into the progress of whatever disease I was suffering and then conclude with the question “But how are you feeling in yourself?” I tended to prevaricate at this point as too enthusiastic a response would send me back to school.

Tigger had some business to see to which required going to Curry’s at Kentish Town to return an MP3 player that had ceased to function. This business was to be combined with pleasure in the form of the purchase of more boxes in which to store her ever increasing stock of DVDs and, yes! Breakfast!

So off we went on the 214 and started with breakfast as it seemed a good idea to acquire energy and fortitude for the ordeals ahead. We chose Café Renoir for its rather chic decor and the interesting characters who go there. The service was so abominably slow that we needed the latter distraction.

The ordeals I mention are the process involved in getting Curry’s to acknowledge that your equipment is faulty and that they should do something about it but even before you get to that stage there is the ordeal involved in getting them to notice your presence.

The first assistant was unable to help us as he was there just to sell Panasonic goods, not to help out generally. So we found three chaps in Curry’s shirts chatting and watching TV. We are approached and stood expectantly awaiting their attention. For their part, they went on chatting and watching TV.

Tigger had recourse to the Basilisk Stare which finally worked and an assistant asked us what we wanted. We explained that the MP3 player had ceased functioning. We explained this several times, citing the appropriate evidence. We might as well have been trying to make them believe that the MP3 player had been abducted by little green men in a flying saucer.

At last they took it away and after a long wait returned. “Yes,” said the assistant. “It definitely doesn’t work.”

You can only have a refund if you return the goods within 28 days, apparently. This MP3 player had had the bad taste to work for 28 days and fail thereafter so we could only have a new one in place of it. Oh well, it was a result, I suppose.

Then it was back home for tea and a proper Sunday rest with sudoku and the occasional snore. Hurrah for Sunday!


About SilverTiger

I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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One Response to How am I feeling in myself?

  1. emalyse says:

    Glad you’re getting better slowly. Very little is built to last these days (it’s all that cut throat competition which leaves no room for quality control stuff). I’m still using my Dad’s ‘built like a tank’ cassette deck from 1981 (for the tape archive stuff) which shows no sign of packing it in whilst my partner has seen CD players and mp3 players come and go. Don’t get me started on the sort of drones who seem to end up working in many electrical stores. Still the store pays peanuts etc…

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