Dude, where’s my blog?

Yesterday I added a comment to my blog in reply to a comment left by a reader. I clicked “Submit Comment” and… my blog disappeared! Just like that, in a flash.

Of course, I assumed this was merely a glitch in the browser and tried to reload it. At first I was getting error messages telling me “Sorry, what you are looking for is not there” then, nothing at all. Both of my browsers, Firefox and Opera, produced nothing more than a clean white sheet where my blog should be.

Naturally, seasoned campaigner that I am in matters of this imperfect sublunary sphere, I smiled, relaxed and thought of something beautiful. Yeah, right. The reality is that I felt a chill of panic run through me: was all that work – not only mine but all those comments thoughtfully applied by visitors – lost forever? Gone in the digital equivalent of a puff of smoke?

Like most addicts, I tell myself that I don’t actually need my blog. No, no, it is just for fun and entertainment. I could live without it if I wanted to. Honest. Now I was not so sure. I felt strangely bereft.

Yet, at the same time, I felt another emotion. I can describe the concept behind the emotion but not the emotion itself. The thought was: Well, if the blog is gone, it’s gone and we can start afresh! That was quite a thrilling thought.

Reason took over. I drafted a message to WordPress support and then sat back, as calmly as possible, to wait. I had no idea how long they would take to respond, though they are usually pretty quick. At last an email came in: “Sorry – that should be fixed now.” I tried loading the blog: still nothing.

The blog did eventually reappear. Maybe whatever they did to repair the fault took a while to work through the system or maybe my second cry for help was answered by the technicians at WordPress. Either way, the blog is back and normal service is resumed.


About SilverTiger

I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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