A fridge too far

Monday morning, don’t you just love it? Especially when the positive feelings built up during the holiday seem to be trickling away like sand through a hole in your pocket. Not that I can imagine why I would have sand in my pocket to start with. Anyway…

I thought I ought to phone the kind lady about the fridge in response to the message she had left on my voicemail. Mondays can be bad times to phone people in offices because it always turns out that thousands of other people have had to same idea and either the lines are jammed or you are in a queue with a robot voice telling you how sorry they are to keep you waiting and how important your call is to them so please do hold on even though you are 54th in a queue that seems to be moving forward at the same speed as a bendy bus trying to cross Piccadilly Circus at rush hour.

Strangely enough, she answered the phone straightaway and even recognized who I was almost before I had started to speak. Like all pessimists I call myself a realist and realistically such a success can surely only be an omen of disappointments to come but so far, everything was going quite well. She confirmed that they were out of stock of the item we had bought but that they would make up for it by selling us another slightly more expensive fridge for the same money. So this evening we shall hot-foot it round to Iceland (the food store, not the country, remember) and choose our new fridge. Just let’s hope it holds as much cheese as the original one.

I had intended to post the above this morning but I got sidetracked. I was right about the omen: a couple of things came up that took the gloss off the earlier successes. So here I am later – much later – continuing what should have been over and done with.

As intended, we went to see the kind lady at (not in) Iceland. She showed us two slightly more expensive fridges and said we could have either of them for the money we had already paid. In the end we chose the one that was entirely frost-free in preference to the one that was frost-free in the freezer compartment but only self defrosting in the refrigerator compartment.

As you know, I have difficulty making decisions so when Tigger insisted I choose which fridge we should take and I managed to do so, I felt like a hero. Then they went and spoilt the mood by asking me what colour we wanted, white or silver. Two decisions in one day, that really is too much to expect…

In the end the kind lady herself chose for us so we are getting a silver one.

The new fridge is slightly smaller than the one we originally chose but is supposed to have the same cheese capacity. How clever is that? The top will make a really good shelf and will be filled up with clutter in no time. I bet you saw that one coming.


About SilverTiger

I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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