Isle of Man 2007 – 6

The day started bright but soon closed in but it didn’t rain so there was hope that the day would go better than yesterday.

It being too early for the horse tram, we took the bus to Derby Castle and waited for the first departure of the Manx Electric Railway. They were readying the tram horses and in the distance we could see them shuffling the MER carriages. I greeted Elvis the tram shed cat, aka The Laziest Cat in the World.

At last we boarded the electric train and set off. The ride was as enjoyable as the first time, especially as we made sure to grab the front right seats where you can look ahead through the driver’s window.

On this leg of the journey, we were going only as far as Laxey where we would take the Snaefell Mountain Railway (Raad-Yiarn Sniaul) to the summit of Snaefell. The Manx consider Snaefell to be a mountain so you should accord it the appropriate respect. Jokes are not appreciated – the Manx have heard them all.

As the single carriage climbed higher and higher, the weather closed in. When we reached the summit, the fog was too thick to see more than a few yards. It was a pity to come all this way and not enjoy the view but these things happen.

The descent was quite enjoyable and it was noticeable how the air suddenly cleared below a certain height. Back at Laxey station we had time for hot chocolate and cheese toasties before continuing by train to Ramsey where we caught the bus for Peel.

The sun now came out and it became a beautiful day. The bus ride was very scenic, one of the best so far, but the mood enhancing sunshine no doubt played a part.

Peel is a quiet little town. We had a cup of tea and went rambling. I think there are more antiques shops and art shops in Peel than in Douglas and Ramsey together. There is an upmarket feeling about Peel which strikes one as odd given that it is so small and quiet (there were about half a dozen people at most on the whole sandy sweep of its attractive beach and we watched terns diving for food just offshore. I am told there isn’t even a hotel in Peel and that the locals are not sure they want one.

We sat for a long time on the sea front enjoying the sunshine and the calm atmosphere. Finally we took the bus back to Douglas.

We intended to have supper at the Four Seasons but the bus we took veered left up the Broadway where our hotel is. So we got off and went to the Millennium Saagar, an Indian restaurant a few doors down from the hotel. They tidied us away on the first floor but served a good vegetable thali with a jug of lassi made to order

Then it was up those stairs – all 61 of them – to our room.

On the way up Snaefell On the way up Snaefell On the way up Snaefell
Brooding views on the way up Snaefell

Nothing to see
At the peak of Snaefell, nothing is to be seen
The air clears
On the way down the air clears again
Sunny on the coast
On the coast it is sunny

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I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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