Earrings and Indians

On Saturday, we made one of our trips to Kent and spent the day in Margate, Broadstairs, Ramsgate and Westgate-on-Sea. We carried out the obligatory family visit around lunchtime and had the rest of the day for ourselves.

You may or may not have heard of the Plus Bus scheme. If you often travel by train and take the bus in your destination town or city, then this scheme is worth looking at, as it adds a day’s bus travel to your ticket price for a modest extra charge.

We duly bought our Plus Bus tickets and had some fun with them as the scheme is new and the bus drivers in Thanet were only vaguely aware of it. Our best reaction was from the ticket inspector on the train home. He lived in Broadstairs but had never actually seen a rail ticket with Broadstairs on it and certainly not one with “Plus Bus” added. Tigger offered him the outward bound ticket as a souvenir and he accepted with alacrity!

Broadstairs beachIt was a warm sunny day but very misty. The accompanying photo of Broadstairs beach may give you some idea of the strange conditions. (Click to see a larger version.) We spent the day mostly pottering around, riding the buses, looking in shops, having cups of tea and generally relaxing in a warm, sunny (if misty) seaside environment.

As usual, I took a good look in all the jewellery shops. I was looking for rings but I am also interested in bracelets. I have two at present, one of fragments of tiger’s eye stones and one of red glass beads. I would quite like a silver and onyx one for my left wrist. I didn’t find any bracelets I liked but I found something else.

EarringI quite like the idea of earrings but the idea of having my ears (or any part of my body) pierced disgusts me. I think clip-on earring look a bit naff, especially on a man. Imagine my interest, then, when a friendly shopkeeper showed us some ear studs that attach with… magnets! They are amazing. Each has a tiny round magnet about half a centimeter in diameter that goes behind the ear and is powerful enough to hold the decorative stud on the front of the ear. I bought red sparkly ones and Tigger bought black ones. I may borrow those for evening wear! The photo will give you some idea of what they look like though the lighting isn’t ideal.

The RajOn the way home, we left the train at London Bridge and caught the Capital Connect (late as usual) to Farringdon. The idea was to get the bus and have supper in one of the Thai Veg buffets that we like so much. However, as we left the station, what should we spy but an Indian restaurant across the road. Hm, we really ought to economize and we did have a rather naughty lunch with cake for pudding… Hm, but we love Indian food and it is getting late and, well… we can always economize tomorrow! Yes! So we had supper at The Raj and very good it was. In fact, it was the best vegetable thali we have had for a long time. We may well go back there when we feel we can afford it.

We then came home with the feeling of a day well spent. I discovered that my post on the Bramah had been “nominated” on Pressposts. I was a bit puzzled by this, especially as the nominator’s link doesn’t work. It seems that opinion on Pressposts is divided. Is it a “blog scraper” that rips off your content or is it a “social bookmarker” that brings you welcome publicity? I honestly don’t know. I will leave the link for now until I have better information.


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I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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