Bling revisited

Saturday was one of our Margate days. We disembarked at Ramsgate, which is a pretty little town, and had a wander round the shops, as is our wont. We popped into Wilkinsons which, though it calls itself a hardware shop and does actually sell items of hardware, is really quite unclassifiable. If you have never been into a Wilkinsons, I suggest you try it for the experience of seeing so many items you never thought anyone would ever think of buying.

We then boarded a bus and bought our usual “Day Rider” tickets, which give us unlimited travel within the Isle of Thanet. With these we travelled to Margate and walked along Canterbury Road. We had a definite purpose in mind. First, however, we dropped into the Cafe del Mar for a cup of tea. I wish this Cafe had a Web site for me to refer you to but they seem not to go in for such things, alas. This is the cafe we frequented during our Christmas in Margate, the only place open then, so we naturally have an affection for it.

The cafe is a husband and wife business. Hubby does the cooking and his wife (and occasionally their young daughter) serves in the cafe. Very friendly and pleasant they are and as they remember us when we go in (people do tend to remember us for some reason), it’s a bit like dropping in on friends.

Leaving the cafe, we retraced our steps towards our destination. To add to the tension we stopped off at a shop catering for extra large men and browsed their stock. Tigger is not averse to wearing men’s clothes if they are suitable (just as I wear girlie socks) but we didn’t find anything on this visit. That left us free to continue to…


You remember Bling, I am sure. Bling lives at Pet Bling, an extraordinary shop at 69 Canterbury Road that, as its name suggests, sells extraordinary products for pets. These include garments of various kinds, bejewelled collars, beds and foods and, well, far too many things for me to mention. Bling, of course, is the hairless Donskoy kitten who lives there. I wrote about him in my post Hairless in Margate.

On the first visit, we had only observed this extraordinary and charming little creature from outside the shop but this time we went in and I had the pleasure of playing with him. He is, if anything, even more delightful from close up. He was very playful and very confident. The shop is his domain and he runs about all over the place with a very proper sense of ownership. “I bet you’d like to take him home,” said Tigger. 200% right. We also chatted to Eva (who, as you might remember furnished the information on Bling that I reproduced in the original post). Once you get cat lovers together, of course, it takes an earthquake to part them so we were there some time. All in all an enjoyable visit. If you live within striking distance of the shop, do go and take a look.


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I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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One Response to Bling revisited

  1. Chris says:

    We were in Wilko’s this morning. It’s our favourite shop. Correction: it’s our second favourite – I was momentarily forgetting the cake shop. Wilkinson’s actually call themselves a ‘Home and Garden’ store, rather than just a hardware shop; a subtle but important difference. We have spent many a happy hour browsing in Wilko’s and expect to spend many more doing just that.

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