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Bramah sutra

Tigger decided it was time to float. Not on the Stock Exchange but in a tank of water with added Epsom salts. This activity – or, rather, lack of all activity – for an hour is supposed to be a … Continue reading

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Turkish Bank Holiday

Bank Holiday Monday turned out to be a Turkish day. As it was a typical Bank Holiday, that is cold, damp and generally miserable, the plan was to go for some indoor activity such as visiting a museum, preferably one … Continue reading

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Having a ball in Deal

On Saturday, we went to Deal in Kent. Deal is a small seaside town and one of the famous Cinque Ports which possessed great power and prestige in the medieval period but have since sunk into relative obscurity. You will … Continue reading

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While I was in the chemist’s shop this morning, my phone rang. This was my backup phone, as you may recall that my beloved Communicator 9300 had to go back to Nokia for repairs. The backup is a Blackberry whose … Continue reading

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At home to the surveyors

Today, between 9 am and 12 noon, I was “at home” to visitors, six visitors altogether. Fortunately, they did not all come at once as our little flat would have found it hard to accommodate them all. Even three was … Continue reading

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Future unpredictable

Prediction is big business. Whether it is forecasting tomorrow’s weather, foretelling market trends or picking the winner in the Derby, there are people ready to do it and people willing to pay good money for the information. Then there are … Continue reading

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Garden fairy

On the way home from work yesterday, we saw a Garden Fairy. It was the first time we had spotted a member of this species, though the sighting was only brief. I have mentioned in previous posts how we engage … Continue reading

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