Hairless in Margate

Yesterday (Saturday) was one of our regular days in Margate to visit family. We started with a lunch date in Birchington on Sea. It was a beautiful sunny day and so, having disembarked from the train at Margate itself, we decided to walk along the sea front rather than take a bus.

We stopped for a drink in the Cafe del Mar where we had breakfasted during our stay over Christmas. The notable event occurred when we looked in the window of a pet shop called Pet Bling. As we were marvelling at the array of dog coats, collars and other unusual pet wear, the strangest little creature jumped in among the goods and started playing with the toys. We had never seen anything like it and spent some time watching his antics. Unfortunately, Tigger didn’t have her camera to hand or I would have graced this account with a picture.

What was it that caught our attention so firmly? Why, a hairless cat! Or rather, kitten. I have heard of these and seen pictures but it was the first time I had seen a real one. I have to say he was the most intriguing and charming little creature.

Actually, he wasn’t quite hairless. There was a sparse brown fuzz over much of his body and his tail was furry. He had whiskers but they were short and not straight like those of a normal cat. You could imagine he was a toy that had been stored in a box and his whiskers had been squashed. The little cat’s ears and eyes looked unusually large in contrast with the body which, without the usual volume of fluff, looked very small.

We did think of going into the shop for a closer look but I hesitate to do this when I am not going to buy anything but we will certainly look out for him again when we next pass that way.

Note added later

As is my custom when mentioning specific persons, businesses, etc., I emailed the proprietor of Pet Bling (see above) to say that I had mentioned the shop and the amazing little cat in my blog. In return, I received a friendly and informative email from Eva, containing more information about Bling, as the intriguing kitten is called. I am passing this on as I am sure this will interest cat lovers.

I think I can do no better than to quote Eva’s email directly:

Thank you for the compliments about Bling! Bling is actually a Russian hairless Donskoy or Don Sphinx. I have both mummy and daddy here at home.

The picture below is of a “sphinx”. This is not a picture of Bling but I have included it to give you some idea of what Bling looks like. Actually, Bling is much prettier!

Don Sphinx


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I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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3 Responses to Hairless in Margate

  1. tomachfive says:

    I guess this picture pretty much approximates the real thing but the kitty’s very cute. What a gorgeous experience to be walking along the beach. Pet bling, first time I read of such, but sounds fun for my future pet. Just dropping by and was enchanted.


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