April in Paris

Poor Freya went off to the cattery again today. I think this was rather a shock to her as she had only been home 5 days since her last “holiday”. I gave her a good stroking before breaking the news to her but it may not have done anything to console her.

We now have to pack and try to get a few hours sleep before our next adventure which I promised to tell you about. We are off to Paris for the Easter weekend. It is our first “real” visit to Paris in the sense that although both of us have been there before, but not together, it was only passing through it on the way to somewhere else. This time we are going to Paris ensemble and will be staying for three nights.

We are taking the famous Eurostar at Waterloo at the barbarous time of 5:35 am, which means getting up at an hour I am not sure even exists. I have no doubt we shall tackle this with our habitual verve and emerge triumphant at Paris Nord just as it says on our travel voucher.

All that remains now is to worry about the weather. I find when you travel it’s always a good idea to have something trivial to worry about. It distracts you from deeper worries such as “Did I turn the gas off?” The trouble with weather is that when you travel you have a limited range of clothes with you to help you adapt to changing conditions. The forecast so far promises fine weather but I will take my heavy jacket in case they have got it wrong.

Paris will make an interesting contrast with Penzance, methinks. Anyway, I will let you know.

About SilverTiger

I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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3 Responses to April in Paris

  1. emalyse says:

    Have a safe journey and a lovely weekend. Our cat has become the bette noir of the cattery we used to use and we have thus become but slaves to our feline overlord with no time off allowed (even for good behaviour) so I envy you greatly. Enjoy yourselves.

  2. Oscarandre says:

    I really envy you your close proximity to everythng wonderful. Tomorrow I will drive my kids to my hometown for a weeks holiday. We will drive 900 kms and pass through two towns and about a dozen roadhouses. And, trust me, we will not be in Paris…

  3. SilverTiger says:

    We are certainly fortunate in that respect. Too often we take it for granted. A friend of mine in the US makes a similar point in an email when he says that a trip to Paris would be a major trip for him.

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