Hardly are we back before we are off on another expedition, just a short one, which I shall tell you about later. So it was necessary today to get the laundry done. Having been away we were short of change but managed to scrape enough together with a little help from the cafe opposite Kings Cross Thameslink where they changed a fiver for me.

We have enough money for one large and one medium machine which are spinning merrily as I write. We have been to the Valencian cafe for freshly squeezed orange juice but now all we can do is wait for the machines to do their job. You can chat, read, do sudoku or watch the other customers who often perform strange rituals or conversations. Either way it beats kneeling on the river bank bashing your smalls with rocks.

On the way here, as hinted above, we stopped at the cafe for breakfast. After a week of veggie breakfasts in the hotel I felt like a change and had a cheese and mushroom omelet. It came with chips – tut tut – but I reasoned that was OK as 10 am is nearly lunchtime. 😉


The laundry washed and dried, we lugged it home again. The next task was the weekly shop in the supermarket. That done, we could relax for a while. Well, it is the weekend! To remind us of that fact, we are going out to eat later. Where will we go? There are many pleasant prospects to choose from.

Freya still seems happy to be back with us. Earlier she discovered my tiger’s eye bracelet and tried to pull it off me. I have no idea why. Did she think it was something to play with or something that shouldn’t be on my wrist and ought to be removed? She took hold of it with her teeth and gave several good hard tugs. After a while she lost interest in it and didn’t take any notice at all of another bracelet beside it consisting of small red beads and metal discs. It’s sometimes hard to know what goes on in a cat’s mind. Maybe she would like a tiger’s eye collar. (No, I don’t think so, either.)

Looking back, I think the holiday did us good. I feel refreshed, like a room that has been aired.


About SilverTiger

I live in Islington with my partner, "Tigger". I blog about our life and our travels, using my own photos for illustration.
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